Posted on February 27, 2020

The Continuing Professional Development of Health Professionals (CPD-HP) Program of Qatar University Health organized an accredited workshop by Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners on basic of diet planning for adults at the college of medicine building in Qatar University on Tuesday 18 February.

Almost 50 people from public health practitioners, members of primary healthcare, in addition to faculty and students from Qatar University attended the workshop. The workshop highlighted that diet planning is one of the most important topics all over the world for various reasons; including the huge influence of different unhealthy diet plans on social media which leads to confuse the people with obesity and weight loss pills.

The workshop aimed to explain and develop a meal plan with proper balance for individuals. The workshop focused on answering most of the questions and concerns related to diet planning and how to plan a rich and balanced healthy diet without any harm of the body nutrition needs. The objective of the workshop was to give the trainers the ability to list and apply the six principles of diet-planning. Explain how each of the diet-planning principles can be used to plan a healthy diet and identify foods that are rich in nutrients.

Dr. Hiba Bawadi, Section Head of Clinical Education at QU-HEALTH, said “Dieting is Eating Right, we should train health care practitioners about healthy diets. As there is   huge influence of different social media platforms in sending mixed and confusing messages to patients, health care practitioners are responsible to continuously provide updated and evidence-based advice to patients.” Joyce Alzalloua Moawad, Teaching Assistant of Human Nutrition at QU-HEALTH said: “Dieting is eating a balanced variety of foods in moderation. A healthy daily diet includes all food groups such as vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, dairy products, proteins and fats. Ultimately, you can still enjoy eating your favorite dessert, but do in moderation.”

CPD-HP Program of Qatar University Health reflects the commitment of the four QU colleges (College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy College of Health Sciences and college of dental medicine) to the Continuing Professional Development of health professionals in the country. The goal of the program is to support the lifelong learning of all practicing care providers to ensure optimal patient care. The CPD-HP Program achieves its mandate, in part, through the provision of educational programs that will improve and expand the competency of health professionals, researchers, physicians, dieticians, nutritionists, scientists, nurses, pharmacists and allied professionals involved in healthcare practice.