Posted on June 12, 2016

For decades, Comfort and OMO have been global household names, helping mothers care for their families by ‘sharing an extra dose of love’. This Ramadan, the iconic brands are introducing their well-known annual clothes donation drive to Qatar in partnership with Qatar Charity.

“Share A Touch Of Love this Ramadan” with OMO and Comfort encourages people to donate clothes to those less fortunate during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The campaign, now in its 7th year, has collected over 500,000 clothes in total since its start. In 2014, the campaign set a Guinness World Record for the largest clothing collection drive, and then broke its own record in 2015.

“Unilever is delighted to bring the “Share A Touch Of Love this Ramadan” to Qatar. Comfort and OMO are both brands that have love, sharing and giving built into their core values. The campaign takes that extra dose of love out to the wider community. The people of Qatar are generous, and we are very confident that they will donate enthusiastically. We look forward to the campaign becoming a regular Ramadan tradition in the country,” said Waqas Javed, Marketing Director Foods, Refreshments & Home Care – Unilever Gulf.

Comfort and OMO Bring iconic 2 [].jpgAmer Mohammad Al Besiri, In-kind Donations Manager, In-kind donations Department at Qatar Charity said: “Qatar Charity is always keen on supporting those in need through a variety of initiatives including those that cater towards donating clothes. At Qatar Charity, we welcome partnerships with companies and organizations who are eager to play their role in charity works through their corporate social responsibility strategies, and that’s why we are proud to partner with OMO and Comfort through this initiative, especially that it is taking place for the first time in Qatar and at the same time coincides with the holy month of Ramada, the month of generosity and giving.”

Al Besiri also noted that Qatar Charity will distribute the donated clothes through its charity initiative “Tayf”, an initiative that has been exerting its efforts for a long time towards charity and humanitarian activities. Between the 7th of June and 6th of July 2016, the campaign will receive donations at the Omo and Comfort booth at the Landmark Mall in Doha. This year, the “Share A Touch Of Love this Ramadan” initiative has partnered with popular chauffeur cab booking service, Careem, to arrange collections from people’s homes during weekends as well. Clothes placed in donation boxes are collected and carefully washed with Omo and Comfort before being packaged and delivered to the families in need and low income individuals through Qatar Charity.

To follow the success of the campaign, including milestones achieved in terms of donations, please log on to or or .