Posted on May 23, 2017

A full day cultural trip was organised recently by Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), the joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech. The trip included numerous site visits within the State of Qatar and targeted school and university students.

The students had a great time exploring the history & culture of their nation and learned the importance of this sector. The tour also provided opportunities to explore career paths in this industry and highlight the chances of transforming their ideas into future business ideas. Bedaya's objective was aimed at helping students to start thinking about their future and choose their career paths early on. On this occasion, Reem Al-Suwaidi, General Manager of Bedaya Center, said: "The State of Qatar has rich heritage sites which has helped position the country on the global cultural map. Further, since the 1960s there exists several career opportunities in this sector due to the talents, activities, events existing in the country.”

Through this trip we aimed to make it possible for school and university students to learn about our cultural heritage, highlight the importance of this sector and present the existing career opportunities vis-a-vis other sectors. The tour reflected the long and rich history of our culture in the past, present and future to support the national vision 2030," she added. “The students were able to learn about the proximity and exploration of various cultural fields in Doha which would attract their attention and allow them to explore their inherent capabilities in those areas,” she concluded.

Bedaya organises cultural trip 2 [].jpg

The trip kicked-off in front of Bedaya Centre with the entire group heading to Msheireb Enrichment Centre - the first stop during the trip. Here the students had a wonderful time learning about their ancestors through the four traditionally renovated houses located at Msheireb. This project located in the heart of Doha reflects the historical background of the state of Qatar and acts as cultural platform to exchange thoughts and ideas aiming to enrich both the past and the future. Later on the students visited Qatar National Library where they had a chance to look at the books and manuscripts that lie between the walls. These are preserved and made available to whoever wants to have a look, in addition to providing advanced printed and digital materials and resources for students and researchers.

The third stop during the trip was at Qatar National Theatre to know the history of the emergence of theatrical movement in Qatar since the 1960s, government support for the civil theatrical troops, until the opening of the Qatar National Theater in 1972 and the movement witnessed till recent days. The participants during the visit performed some scenes on stage and unleashed their hidden talents. After lunch, the students visited Al Jazeera Media Café, which is considered the first media café in the Middle East region. This provided a unique experience to the participants who lived the media experience and became news presenters during the visit.

Later, Sout Al Khaleej radio station hosted the group. They shared the station's journey since its early days till date and how it became one of the best Arabic radio stations and delivered through the years many important and successful programs. They discussed about the coverage of several events and functions in Qatar and the region, especially in terms of sports, cultural and artistic activities. Moreover, the Sawt Al Khaleej showed the participants the library which includes thousands of exclusive songs for the greatest singers of the Arab world and the Gulf.

The last stop was the Youth Art Center which has been successfully attracting artistic activities in the past, for instance, plastic art, theatrical and musical. Students were given exposure to different type of arts and explore their talents.