Posted on February 12, 2020

Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), the joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, in celebration of National Sports Day on 11 February 2020, took part in activities that were held at the cultural village “Katara” and Qatar Foundation from 7 am till 8 pm. Bedaya’s participation at this nationwide event was through 10 start-ups projects working in sports & health and ecofriendly sectors.

Bedaya Center's participation comes in support of entrepreneurs and start-ups to showcase to the public their products in the various fields they represent. The activities of Bedaya Center during the National Sports Day aimed to raise awareness among the people regarding the nature of exhibited projects and promote them in the best way. The projects were exhibited at "Katara" through specially prepared kiosks while at "Qatar Foundation" the projects were displayed through the Dukan Bedaya.

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Bedaya Center made it possible for specific categories of projects to participate in the Sport Day event.  The participants who took part in the event have been engaged in local projects in terms of manufacturing or design. Priority was also given for emerging projects which have been operating for two years or less since their establishment, and the ones that have a home license or a commercial registration and do not have an existing shop or restaurant.

Furthermore, Bedaya Center also participated in the various Sports Day activities by collaborating with the Qatari initiative “Original Fitness Club” for Fusion of circuit training, boot-camp incorporated with trampolines, kettle- bells, dumbbells, resistance bands and strength ropes were adapted to guarantee a smart, dynamic and fun workout under the supervision of certified coaches and instructors.

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Commenting on the Sport day activities, Hanane Ibrahim, Business Development Manager at Bedaya Center said,” We are thrilled to participate this year through a group of sporting events and activities in addition to 10 startups projects in the Sports Day Activation, which represents moral support for all members of society to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, this is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs to display their ideas and products”.

“This year our participation was divided between the cultural village “Katara” and Qatar Foundation. We seek to share with all members of society their joy in this event through a set of sports related activities in addition to highlighting startup projects that link their services and products in line with the goals of the Sports Day and environment and enhances their position in the community, especially as the country is witnessing a healthy and sporty renaissance," she concluded.