Posted on May 15, 2011

With Al Meera aggressively pursuing expanding its retail outlets and services, Qatari customers will be the primary beneficiaries.  Consequently, more customers will have access to Al Meera’s offerings, with new stores set to open in strategic localities to ensure that the largest number of people possible take advantage of the retailer’s cutthroat prices and services. Of course, this is done keeping the company’s original goals and mission in mind.

“Even though only established in 2004, Al Meera has grown to become a leading contender in Qatar’s retail market,” said His Excellency Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Qahtani, Chairman of the Board at Al Meera. “Albeit, we are assertively increasing both the number of outlets and services that we offer, but our values remain the same, and we will continue offering only the best products and services to our communities, at the best prices in the market.”

This week, Al Meera is to launch a tender for six new branches to be opened within the next 24 months to add on to its existing 26,000 square meters of retail space.  The expansion plans will see 13 new stores opening within the next two years with 40,000 square meters of additional retail space, and 20,000 square meters of shopping mall space.

Currently, two stores are under construction, three are on hold pending municipality approvals, and two projects are in the design phase.  Al Rayan Engineering has recently been hired to lead the project management of Al Meera, and an international quantity surveying company will be in charge of cost control for the duration of the new projects.

At the heart of the expansion plans is the special focus put on the chain’s patrons themselves.

“Our expansion plans focus on customer choices and competitiveness, both of which will ensure some of the lowest prices on the market at our stores,” said Al Meera Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Guy Sauvage “We take customer service quality and satisfaction very seriously, and we have been, and currently are, consulting with international experts in the field to ascertain that our expansion plans do not sacrifice the customer experience of shopping at Al Meera.”

The expansion over the next few years will effectively ensure that Al Meera maintains, and continues to dominate, the Qatari retail market.  With more space available, and more store locations, customers can also benefit from the ever increasing fresh produce and other foodstuffs that will be sold from the stores.  Moreover, with attention placed on customer access and experience, shoppers will find the Al Meera experience a pleasing one.

“Our vision is ‘to be the favorite neighborhood retailer,” added Mr. Sauvage. “We are confident that our strategy will find more and more customers coming to Al Meera for their shopping needs.  Even though our numbers may be getting bigger, our values remain the same, and the popularity that Al Meera enjoys with the general public is testament to that.