Posted on September 02, 2015

A leading medical school has introduced a new program to inspire Qatari high school students to become scientists. Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar’s (WCMC-Q) Research Division launched the Summer Research Internship for National High School Students in a bid to increase the number of Qatari scientists. The ultimate goal is to increase research capacity and help fulfill the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.

The program targets nationals who have recently completed grades 10 or 11 and are interested in scientific research, like current intern 17-year-old Salah Mahmoud who attends Qatar Academy. Salah has spent one month at the college, learning the basics of running a high-level, international biomedical research program. Salah, who is considering a career in research and medicine, said that so far it had been a real learning experience, allowing him to understand the mechanisms of how a world-class research division operates.

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He said: “So far it’s been a great experience. I’ve been involved in laboratory management – making sure the researchers have the supplies they need, that the logistics are running smoothly and that all the equipment is fully operational.” Salah said that he had also been training in clinical research management, grants management, research integrity and had received training in building his professional skills such as time management, presentation skills, team work and work ethics.

Dr. Khaled Machaca, Associate Dean for Research, said “We have been running training programs for nationals who had completed a university degree for five years now and it’s time to expand; to give younger generations the chance to learn and explore the research field. The program has given interns the opportunity to work as part of the team rather than as a student. Moreover, this will help Qatar in achieving its aim of becoming a knowledge-based economy by having nationals in careers where knowledge is created and biomedical research is undoubtedly one of those.”

Applications for next year’s summer internship will be announced in the Spring and those interested in participating can register to be notified when applications become available on the program’s website,