Posted on June 03, 2014

Vodafone is bringing 4G to life as never before with the launch of Qatar’s newest 4G network, newest content proposition and newest in-store experience. From the 3rd of June, all Vodafone customers with a 4G enabled device will automatically get 4G service, at no subscription fees, to enjoy using their existing data bundles.

Kyle Whitehill, CEO, Vodafone said “We know data is important for our Qatari customers, we rolled 4G where they exist and regularly hangout – a new important milestone in our strategy to acquire more high value customers and high data users . At the same time we have been investing heavily in our 3G network with upgrades to cater for all our 3G customers.”

Do you love movies & music? Amazing content propositions with Vodafone 4G!                         

Vodafone has partnered with ‘Go by OSN’ and Anghami to give customers access to a huge selection of movies, series and music.

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‘Go,’ OSN’s premium online TV service, offers Qatar residents access to thousands of hours of entertainment including Hollywood blockbusters, critically-acclaimed Arabic productions, award-winning TV series and popular kids content. The service is currently available on PC’s and Macs, smartphones and tablets  and subscribers can take advantage of dual-device screening, where two different shows can be streamed on separate devices simultaneously while the parental control feature empowers families to choose the content that is viewed.

With up to a 6 month trial followed by as little as QR37 a month, customers choosing ‘Go by OSN’ can access over 500 movies, 150 series and over 100 kids and family shows. Subscribers can also enjoy up to 8 GB of FREE video streaming from ‘Go by OSN’ every month. This comes just in time for the holy month of Ramadan, where the most anticipated Ramadan series will be available.

Paulo Ferreira, Head of Commercial and Digital, OSN, said: “We launched ‘Go by OSN’ last month and the response has been overwhelming. There is no other service in the market that has multiple Hollywood studio deals which enables ‘Go’ to play host to the most critically-acclaimed and diversified Western and Arabic content. Coupled with Vodafone’s seamless 4G network, subscribers across Qatar can now enjoy premium online TV entertainment with an unmatched viewing experience.”

Also, customers can choose to sign up to Anghami extra with up to 6 months free trial followed by as little as QR20 a month.  Customers will also enjoy a generous 1GB of Anghami streaming and downloading. Anghami provides a seamless experience to listen to unlimited music on-the-go on your mobile. With millions of songs to search from, stream, download and share, Anghami makes listening to music enjoyable. You can play any Arabic and International song or album wherever you are - in your car, at the gym, or in the Majlis. You can also discover new music from your favourite artists, share your favourite tracks in real-time with friends on social networks, and download as many songs as you’d like for offline play. Flights will never feel as long again!

“With Vodafone 4G, speed is just the start: it’s what you do with it that really matters. We are taking 4G into a new realm by offering entertainment options; and changing the tune with all the music you could want. 4G is finally worth getting and there’s plenty to look forward to,” said Rasha El Azharay, Head of Ultra Broadband, Vodafone.

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Get Vodafone 4G on your mobile, tablet, or MiFi

Vodafone’s online store and retail stores have a wide range of the latest 4G smart devices. This includes the iPhone 5 & 5S, Samsung S5 and Samsung Note 3, Samsung and Apple tablets, in addition to MiFi devices.

Introducing Great Customer Experience

All Vodafone 4G customers will benefit from Vodafone Great Customer Experience bringing them everything they need to get connected. Vodafone’s flagship stores have a dedicated Tech Team that can get a customer started on Vodafone 4G, answer all a customer’s digital savvy questions and show them the benefits of 4G. Vodafone Red Box is a great new innovation, which allows customers the peace of mind whenever they are purchasing a new device. Customers will now be able to walk out of Vodafone’s stores with all their contacts, photos, videos and music on their new phone immediately.

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