Posted on March 16, 2011

“Social Entrepreneurship:  Doing Business and Doing Good” was the theme of the workshop held by Vodafone Qatar at the ‘How Women Work’ Conference, held recently at the Katara Cultural Village.  The annual conference, sponsored by Arcata, aims to “to reach hearts and minds, break down barriers and promote understanding, as well as empower women to make an even greater contribution to the workforce.”

A social enterprise may be a profit or non-profit organization that identify and deal with social issues using a market-driven approach.

“Social enterprises are a revolutionary way of positively affecting your community,” said Luisa Gentile, Head of CSR at Vodafone. “By utilizing corporate management strategies with the explicit aim of engaging a social issue, the results are usually impressive and far-reaching.”

Vodafone’s corporate social responsibility initiative, ‘A Better World’, has been a pioneer in introducing the social entrepreneurship concept to Qatar through its ‘World of Difference’ program.

“At the workshop, we presented the case study of Margaret Gigliotti, head of ‘Girls on the Go” and one of the winners of last year’s ‘World of Difference’” continued Luisa Gentile. “Through Gigliotti’s initiative, we were able to show how social enterprises can work in Qatar, and encouraged attendees to use this innovative way in tackling social concerns.”

Two other case studies of successful social entrepreneurs were also presented at the workshop:  Roxanne Davis, the founder and director of Doha Mums, and Susie Kelt, head of Vodafone’s Al Johara, the culturally-friendly sales channel for Qatari women.

Workshop attendees were intrigued by the potential for social enterprises in Qatar. “I was interested to learn how social enterprises are starting to take root here in Doha,” said Jenny Elliot, a chartered accountant. “I recently moved here from London where I worked with several social enterprises, and it’s great to see how, thanks to Vodafone, people have started to discuss the idea here.”

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