Posted on April 29, 2018

UCL Qatar has announced the latest additions to its professional and executive education programme. Taking place on 7, 8, and 10 of May two courses will aim to boost information recording accuracy and security across Qatar’s public and private sector organisations.

The courses, in Digital Forensics, and Information and Records Management, will address the complexity of the drive towards digitization of information in Qatar and give professionals the skills and knowledge to handle electronic records.

According to UCL Qatar experts, the ability to transform information into knowledge can give public and private sectors organisations a competitive edge and allow professionals to better fulfil a public role by making information management more structured and secure. The Digital Forensics course in particular will upskill Qatar’s growing body of digital library specialists and serves to further underline the country’s leading library sector, following the opening of the National Library in April. Specialists from Qatar Foundation and UCL Qatar will join international expert Professor Christopher Lee from the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina.

Annie Rowbotham, Head of Professional and Executive Education commented on the course: “As the Qatari economy develops and business and government departments grow, both private and public sector organisations increasingly understand the need to capture and manage their internal information in a strategic and robust manner. Doing so can give them the edge because they will be able to effectively store and manage records, with knock-on effects such as streamlining decision making and improving governance structures.”

UCL Qatar continues to offer professional and executive education training courses aimed at working professionals that are looking to expand their knowledge and learn about the new advancements taking place in their chosen field. Instructors for the courses offered by UCL Qatar come from a wide range of global international institutions, including UCL’s London campus.