Posted on July 10, 2016

With soaring temperatures, cases of burst tyres have come to light in some places, especially on highways. At least two cases were seen at Salwa Road two days in a row, though no causalities or damage were reported. Remnants of the tyres were also seen on highways.

Tyre dealers and car mechanics have warned motorists against using old and worn-out tyres. “Tyres expire within two years from the date of manufacture, according to rules in Qatar. The manufacturing date is carved on one side of each tyre,” said a mechanic of a tyre shop in the Industrial Area.

An expired tyre could still be used for maximum one year but this tyre had 2012 written on it, which makes it four-year-old, said the mechanic, pointing to a punctured tyre of the car of a customer. Tyres lose strength and power over time even if they do not wear out. Motorists should not compromise with safety. They should change it on time. Tyres are not expensive and are affordable for every one, a dealer said. Poor-quality tyres are available at around QR200 each and good ones for QR400 each, said a source. The Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce launched an inspection campaign covering tyre shops to prevent any sale of counterfeit and expired tyres.

Some erring outlets were closed down as punishment, according to earlier reports. A day before Eid Al-Fitr at 2:30pm, a motorist was seen in the middle of Salwa Road holding a piece of red plastic beside his car with a burst tyre cautioning passing vehicles to change lanes. The tyre of the car burst while running on the fast lane close to the divider. The car slid towards the divider but luckily did not hit the wall. At 4pm on Eid, five people were seen sitting beside a four-wheel vehicle with a burst tyre in the Salwa Road tunnel. They were waiting for some friends for help.

A motorist shared his experience of burst tyre on his way from Murra to Doha. “I, along with my wife and two children, was going to Bin Mahmoud to see a relative,”  said the motorist. Motorist had close shave after tyre blew up. “The front tyre of my car on the driver-side burst. The car suddenly headed to the left. Thank God, it was moving slowly, but I had to hold the steering wheel tightly to avoid losing control,” he said. “Actually it was my fault. The tyre was very old and worn out. I did not change it because I wanted to buy a new car,” he added.

The motorist found it very difficult to go to the emergency parking lane with burst tyres because the car could not move fast and he needed extra care to avoid a mishap with other vehicles. “It was a narrow escape until I reached the emergency parking lane when a fast moving mini-truck was moving very close to my car. The angry truck driver stopped, headed towards my car with two other companions. But seeing my family in the car, they changed their mind instead told me to take care next time,” he said.

source: The Peninsula