Posted on May 19, 2018

To control accidents usually committed by hasty drivers during pre-Iftar rush hour, the General Directorate of Traffic has started a campaign to provide truck drivers with Iftar meals on highways.

“Motorists, in particular, heavy vehicle drivers, tend to drive very fast to reach their destination before Iftar, which is a major cause of accidents. Therefore, the General Directorate of Traffic is conducting this campaign to help those drivers and to offer them Iftar meals at roads so they need not indulge in overspeeding to break the fast,” said a source at the General Directorate of Traffic.

He noted that offering Iftar to such motorists was a contribution towards saving their lives and lives of others. “Once they receive their Iftar meals on the roads, there is no need to speed. Our Iftar meal distribution drive is focused on the Orbital Road from Mesaieed Road to Al Shamal Road (the trucks’ road). The campaign will expand to all places,” he said. Regarding questions about plan to reduce traffic jam and whether the department would focus more on commercial streets during Ramadan, he said: “This year it is totally different and the department will deploy more patrolling vehicles  because the schools will remain opened and people will go outside in morning and evening.”

He added that the department had banned the entry of trucks and heavy vehicles into Doha city during the following times; 7.30am to 9.30am, 12.30pm to 3pm and 6pm to 12pm. “Earlier in previous Ramadans most of the traffic jam incidents occur only in the evenings, we used to deploy police patrols on commercial streets, in front of restaurants, sweets shops and supermarkets,” he explained. The official also advised motorists to avid wrong parking of vehicles, obstructing the traffic movement on the road, especially during the night prayer timings like Taraweeh or mid-night prayers or Iftar gatherings.

Also before crossing the road, please ensure that the road is completely free from vehicles from both sides, especially during the peak hours and cross the road only through designated areas for crossing. To reduce run over accidents, the Department earlier had distributed reflective accessories (a greenish yellow reflective bracelet) among pedestrians that could be strapped around arm to keep motorists aware of the presence of pedestrians at night, especially when they would cross the roads. “The General Directorate of Traffic will distribute gifts among motorists which is called “director’s gift” as an appreciating from the Traffic Director to motorists for saving people lives.

source: The Peninsula