Posted on September 04, 2017

Various shops at Mall of Qatar (MoQ) have reported increase in their sales volume following the economic blockade imposed on Qatar by some of its neighbouring countries on June 5.

According to the shopkeepers, it was a pleasant surprise for them because summer is normally the leanest period in terms of business as most of the residents prefer to go on vacation during this time of the year. "However, this year it was different. Many people preferred to stay back in Qatar just to show their solidarity with the country in the wake of the unjust blockade. So, the demand for commodities and products also increased rather than decreased," said a businessman at the Mall of Qatar.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune recently, Ahmed Faraz, assistant manager of Geekay Games, said:"If at all the blockade has affected us, it is for the better rather than worse. Sales are much higher on the weekends when a large number of citizens and expatriates visit the mall. Customers keep us busy all day. There are also special events organised by the mall operators to attract customers on weekends." Faraz added that there is considerable demand for video games and other toys as most schools are closed for summer and Eid holidays. Geekay Games is a leading retailer of video games and their accessories, action figures and licensed merchandise in Qatar. It also has outlets across prominent locations in the Middle East.

Some shop owners pointed out that though there has been a drop in the number of visitors from the Gulf region to the mall, it did not impact their business as it was more than compensated by domestic customers. According to them, their overall sales registered an increase of around 12 to 15 percent on an average since the blockade. A manager of Elevation Burger, on condition of anonymity, said:"The sales at our food outlet have been impressive since the beginning, including the last two months of June and July. Our sales almost became twice on weekends. We thank Qatar's wise leadership for ensuring adequate supply of everything despite the blockade."

"The specialty of our outlet is that we use fresh ingredients and thanks to Qatar's wise leadership, we did not face any shortage of these since the announcement of the blockade. We are also pretty much satisfied with the efforts of our sales team," he added.
A staff at Al Jazeera Perfumes also expressed satisfaction over the summer sales."We hope to exceed our sales target by about 10 percent compared to last month, thanks to the Eid Al Adha festivities," said Sana, one of the staff members. "We are trying to promote Qatari fragrances which are very much in demand owing to the blockade. In fact, most of the Qatari customers insist on local brands, nowadays," she added. 

source: Qatar Tribune