Posted on May 09, 2011

The SEC is currently preparing and looking forward to hosting the third National Students Research Fair on the 15th may 2011.

The fair this year will witness major development in the number of schools and research participants that are competing for the Excellence Award in the third National Students Research Fair in the three paths of literary and scientific areas for all stages.

The efforts of the Supreme Education Council stem from Qatar's vision as a developed country that is able to achieve human-centered sustainable development.

The Supreme Education Council consider scientific research and practices as a community culture that begins from the school, and accompanies the students in all phases of their lives.

The logo of the National Students Research Fair is designed in a circular figure around the globe with a circle of sporadic boxes, taking off in all directions in natural, peaceful and varied colors of the spectrum, to cover the areas of life, including blue which represents the water in all its forms as well as green and yellow to represent the forms of the earth's surface and soil in addition to red shades in science and light until it reaches the yellow from which a star of excellence in the search of different kinds, taken by the fair as a symbol.

The fair is aimed to celebrate the best of researches produced by students and teachers, and is expected to be attended by a large number of dignitaries and personalities in the state of Qatar as well as people interested in educational issues, in addition to the presence of representatives of all institutions that have cooperated with the SEC in order to educate students or implementation of their programs in schools.

The fair is scheduled to open throughout the day to receive visitors and parents to discuss their children’s research and encourage students who offer their research to support them, to serve the nation and the improvement and development of science for the benefit of people and work, towards the search for decisions which effects the entire community. The fair will also provide a type of assembly for the exchange of research projects conducted by students.

The exhibition will contribute to raising awareness among teachers about the ability of students in innovation and awareness in the community, about the culture of scientific research. The State is expected to promote Science and Research which addresses various challenges ahead. It is the responsibility of society to support this culture as the most fertile land for its cultivation. Students are an essential component of scientific research projects in Qatar's future. Today's students are the men and women of the future who are expected to carry the banner of the country.