Posted on March 28, 2011

The Supreme Education Council in close collaboration with the Arab Educational Training Center for Gulf States organized a workshop on comprehensive quality management aimed at deepening the concepts of quality leadership in educational institutions. The SEC educational leaders and directors, assistant directors of SEC institutes as well as department directors and units heads attended the event held on Saturday, April 26, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel.

Mr. Ibrahim Abdelkareem Al Hussain, Head of Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation Unit at King Faisal University and Consultant at the Centre of King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz for Quality delivered the lectures.

The workshop also introduced essential knowledge and skills needed for effective leadership. Participants were briefed on modern concepts on quality management, effective leadership practices based on quality management philosophy, using international experiences in the leadership of quality management and improving the vision of the educational institution. Other topics included decision-making based on educational regulations to ensure quality learning outcomes; using leadership to implement quality management in all educational institutions; using regulations to effectively lead quality management process and, leadership tools used to reinforce quality management.

This training program reflects the SEC’s continued efforts to develop leaders’ capabilities and introduce them to international best practices that will help support the effective implementation of a successful education system that ultimately helps realize the Qatar 2030 vision.

source: English Education