Posted on September 02, 2014

Qatar Career Fair (QCF), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, has welcomed 55 male and female high school students to the second and final week of its Summer Career Camp.

The QCF Summer Career Camp is composed of more than 15 workshops, including specialised sessions that delve into crucial topics such as leadership. Young nationals are being taught to identify different styles of leaders and the most valuable attributes to have in a workplace. Students are also benefiting from practical courses that are focused on improving their skills in public speaking, presentations and resume writing. Throughout this week, students are making a number of field visits to leading organisations across Qatar, giving them the opportunity to explore various professions at Qatar Foundation, Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), RasGas, and Al Jazeera Network, among others. The aim of the trips this week is to give students first-hand insight into the real world of employment.

QCF is also particularly pleased to see an increase in the number of students participating in the two-week Summer Career Camp this year compared with the previous year. Ahmed Saleh Mohammed, a volunteer at the Summer Career Camp, said: “This was my very first experience as a volunteer, and it taught me to be both self-reliant and responsible for others. I was really happy to be able to support young Qataris and help them build their future. “The students gained a great deal from the programmes and workshops that they enrolled in, and I benefitted from the experience as well. Most importantly, I discovered that the intrinsic value of volunteering far outweighs any material aspects – nothing comes above being able to help others.”

The camp, which runs until 4 September, is just one of several projects and initiatives carried out by Qatar Career Fair to provide Qatari nationals with practical skills that enable them to make informed decisions about their future academic and professional paths – in line with the vision of Qatar Foundation to support the growth and development of the country. During the first week of the programme, students attended informative workshops at the Recreation Centre in Education City, creating the ideal environment for interaction and teamwork among attendees.

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The first week also showcased a host of educational lectures that were presented by senior representatives from QF member centres, including Qatar Debate and Qatar Career Fair, as well as the Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development. Abdullah Yousef Al Horr, a student participating in the Summer Career Camp, expressed his delight at being part of the engaging workshops and group discussions. He said: “It was a truly enriching experience and proved to be very useful to both myself and fellow students. The workshops and courses helped us clarify the requirements for various vocations, and facilitated our search for a career that is best suited to our potential and capabilities. “Moreover, this experience was insightful as it gave me a clearer picture of what I hope to achieve in the future.”

In addition to learning about the needs of Qatar  and the labour market over the coming years, participants are also receiving training in the methods of turning their ideas into effective business models, as well as how to perform well in a job interview. A ‘Student Career Gathering’ event is due to take place on the last day of the camp. It will be attended by high-profile representatives from Qatar Foundation, as well as senior executives from over 20 of Qatar’s leading organisations. Guests will discuss a diverse range of initiatives and career development opportunities for Qatari nationals.

Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded participation certificates at the closing ceremony this Thursday. For more information about the QCF Summer Career Camp, please contact: 55456810 or 44546815. Alternatively, you can email the QCF Activities Team at: or visit