Posted on January 06, 2016

Qatar’s General Directorate of Traffic has praised Maersk Oil Qatar’s social investment road safety programme for helping address road deaths and injuries in the country. More than 4000 students experienced Students for Road Safety coaching in its state of the art driving simulator and in schools and community events in 2015.

Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, the Director of the General Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of the Interior, said: “The Students for Road Safety programme is a solid partnership between the General Directorate of Traffic and Maersk Oil Qatar. The past year has been the most successful to date for Students for Roads Safety. By working together to coach students on positive road behaviours, we are bringing tangible benefits to Qatar. I congratulate Students for Road Safety on a tremendously successful 2015.”

Students for Road Safety falls under the national One Second road safety brand and seeks to transform 12 to 18 year old students into road safety ambassadors through interactive presentations and driving simulator training in schools and at community events. In 2015, 1400 students benefited from the programme through school visits and more than 2600 were reached through community events arranged by the General Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of Interior. For example, Students for Road Safety was a key part of Maersk Oil’s presence at the Darb El Saai National Day celebrations recently.

Sheikh Faisal bin Fahad Al-Thani, Deputy Managing Director of Maersk Oil Qatar, said: Maersk is committed to Qatar for generations to come and there is no better example of this than Students for Road Safety, a programme that is effecting grassroots behaviour change among 12 to 18 year olds in schools and at community events. 2015 has been the programme’s most successful year so far. I’m proud that our partnership with the General Directorate of Traffic has resulted in more than 4000 students being educated on positive road behaviours in 2015 alone.”

The driving simulator used in the Students for Road Safety programme features cutting-edge technology originally deployed in the Formula 1 and aviation industries, including a full real car cockpit, and an advanced display system with a wrap around screen. A custom-made traffic artificial intelligence engine reflects common behaviours on Qatar’s roads like tail-gating, failure to indicate, flashing lights and cutting across cars at roundabouts.

Paul Williamson, Principal at Newton International Academy (Barwa City) school, which hosted Students for Road Safety this year, said: “We were delighted that Students for Road Safety came to our school – the children walked away with an improved sense of how drivers should behave on the road and why it’s everyone’s responsibility to improve driving standards. The instructors made our students feel comfortable yet ensured they all were conscious of this very important message. I congratulate the programme on a successful 2015 and look forward to our school being involved in more positive outreach in 2016.”

Students for Road Safety was launched in 2013 by Maersk Oil Qatar and the General Directorate of Traffic, within the Ministry of Interior, as part of the national One Second road safety brand.