Posted on May 17, 2019

Ten students enrolled in the French Minor program at the Department of English Literature and Linguistics (DELL), College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University (QU) recently visited the French Institute in Qatar.

The visit was a great opportunity for the students to be acquainted with the French courses offered by the institute. They also had the chance to gain insight into the best study programs at French universities and the necessary steps to enroll in a French higher education institution. The students were accompanied by DELL Associate Professor of Linguistics and French Dr. Elie Alrabadi.

Commenting on the visit, Dr. Elie Alrabadi said: “It was an exciting opportunity for the students to explore the French culture and get familiarized with the learning approach at the French Institute in Qatar. It also aligns with our commitment at the French Minor program to provide our students with practical learning and to apply theoretical concepts outside the classroom.” Dr. Alrabadi added: “The French Minor program offers a variety of language skill courses, in addition to an introduction to French literature and civilization. The program allows students to develop functional communicative skills in the French language. It also enables them to become familiar with the diversity of contemporary French cultures across the world.”

The French Minor program was created by DELL with the aim to give QU students an access to another language and culture besides Arabic and English. It is currently offered to female undergraduate students only. With 24 credit hours, students will reach a functional level of competency that is sufficient to travel to French speaking countries and exchange information with French speakers. Students would also be able to pursue their studies abroad in a French speaking institution or to join a local company where French is used in communication, which operates locally using French as one of its languages.

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