Posted on November 24, 2018

A breathtaking firework display attracted huge crowd at the Eighth Katara Traditional Dhow Festival at Katara beach yesterday.

The unique 20-minute show was themed on sea traditions, and narrated a story about fishing, diving and fighting in the sea, in bright and shooting colours. The crowd watched in awe, shouting and cheering, as firework burst above, drawing thematic patterns into the sky in brilliant light and vivacious colours. A similar firework show will take place today at the Katara beach from 8pm to 8.20pm. The evening will also witness a surprise announcement by Katara Cultural Village.

Visitors to the Festival over the past three days had been treated to various traditional shows and dances presented by teams from the participating countries, maritime contests and a wide range of cultural activities. The Festival attracted large number of children from schools across Qatar, especially in the morning hours. Hundreds of children took part in art workshops in a dedicated pavilion at Katara beach, featuring painting, drawing, face painting, paper design, among others. The children have been trained by experts in the respective fields.

Katara has announced the winners of three maritime competitions — Al Haddaq, Tafreesh and Shoush — held over the first two days of the Festival. More competitions were held yesterday. Al Hadaaq is an individual contest in traditional fishing, in which Yusuf Al Obaidli won first prize bagging QR5,000. Mohammed Salim Al Araimi won second prize of QR4,000 while third prize of QR3,000 went to Rashid Al Magairafi. In Tafreesh — a rowing contest using small boats — Ahmed Yusuf Al Hail won first prize while second and third prizes went to Saleh Al Araimi and Musallam Al Araimi, respectively.

In Shoush, the team comprising Darwish Salim and Khalfan Salim won first prize, while second prize went to the team comprising Ahmed Yusuf Al Hail and Ahmed Al Miraikhi. The team comprising Ahmed Abdullah and Mohammed Malallah won third prize. Traditional stalls set up by the participating countries are attracting huge number of visitors every day. Iran has set up a replica of the anthropological house of the natives of Kish Island in Iran, showcasing marine and sailing traditions and the lifestyle of the people of the Island 80 years ago.

The “Omani House” features sea-related products and equipment from Oman, along with Omani sweets, and is also introducing traditional Omani dances related to the sea. The “Kuwaiti House” has brought together a number of marine experts from the country, and showcases Kuwaiti wedding traditions, among other aspects. The five-day festival will conclude tomorrow.

source: The Peninsula