Posted on September 07, 2016

To provide guests and families with an extraordinary leisure experience away from the city’s bustling chatter during the upcoming Eid Al Adha feast, Simaisma Resort, Qatar’s undiscovered oceanfront oasis, has lined up a series of entertainment and recreational activities designed to take visitors on a family-friendly adventure throughout its venues, just in time for the highly anticipated holiday season.

From September 12th to the 16th, Simaisma Resort’s visitors will enjoy an all-day entertainment program that blends kid shows and interactive games with recreational activities and culinary feasts, for a rich all-around family extravaganza. All through the five days of celebration, recreational activities will kick off at 5 pm with the “Bicycle Station” at the beach and an interactive children’s competition at the Kids Pool that alternates between “Collect the Ball”, “Water Basketball” and “Hanging the Laundry” games, followed by a Water Polo game at 5:30 pm.

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The evening starts with a ‘Violin and Guitar’ musical performance at the Two & Four Bedroom Villas’ Pool Side at 6 pm, while competitions ensue with a “Tug of War” at the Kids Pool and the Resort’s “Infinity” welcomes ladies and daughters to an artful henna session. Simaisma will not only entertain children, but will also encourage young talents and develop their various motor skills with the “Kids Got Talent” show, which starts at 6 o’clock at the Resort’s Infinity Pool on the first and last days of the festival, before youngsters embark on an immense X-Box gaming experience at the Infinity Restaurant & Lounge at 7 pm throughout Eid Al Adha’s 5 days of celebration.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Tarek Nour, Simaisma’s General Manager, said: “We are delighted to be bringing children and families in Qatar the best cultural, entertainment and culinary experiences in town during Eid Al Adha feast. The extensive range of activities, competitions and programs we have in store for our guests will thrill the youngsters and amuse the parents. Add to that a rich variety of sumptuous dining options and buffets, and the entire family can celebrate the holidays in the most amazing way, at Qatar’s undiscovered oceanfront oasis.”

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On the 2nd day of the feast, the Infinity Pool will host a “Musical Chairs” competition for the 6-pm entertainment segment, and kids will get the chance to engage in a “Arrange the Numbers” game at the Pool on the 3rd and 4th days. As for the festival’s culinary feast, Simaisma’s Awtar restaurant will be hosting a breakfast buffet for guests from 7 to 11 am, which will offer diners a different assortment of ethnic delights from all around the world every day in addition to the standard selection. Kids will enjoy the entertainment of the Resort’s resident clown and balloon twister, and all ladies will be offered a red rose upon leaving the restaurant.

Guests can indulge their senses with a splendid afternoon tea and welcome drinks from 2 to 4 pm at the luxury resort’s Mokha Lounge, where they get to enjoy a special time with friends and family, after which children and families can gorge on a great range of finger and fork buffets at Simaisma’s Infinity Restaurant, including a Kids Buffet, BBQ Buffet and a Street Food Buffet accompanied by a Live Band performance. Every night, the program concludes with a special cinema screening that starts at 7pm at The Resort’s “Infinity”, followed by a live band performance, captivating the audience’s imagination and taking them on an immersive journey that ignites their senses on an emotional and experiential level.