Posted on November 07, 2017

Aspire Academy welcomed a full-house on Tuesday morning as prolific Brazilian goal striker, Élber de Souza, commonly known as Giovane Élber, took part in a student session titled “My Experience.”

Aspire Academy regularly organises similar educational sessions with top athletes in the world to inspire their student-athletes and motivate them to achieve their full potential. Top officials from the Academy, including Mr. Ali Salem Afifa, Deputy Director General of Aspire Academy, and Mr. Jassim Al Jaber, School Principal, along with coaches and teachers joined their students in attending the session.

Samba striker Giovane Élber  1 [].jpg

At the start of the session, Élber spoke about becoming a professional football player at the age of 10, when he joined Brasileiro Série B club, Londrina Esporte Clube before his growing talent led him to the top teams in Europe. Before long he was named part of the Brazilian U17 national team. Speaking about his experience, he said: “I had to work very hard to get to the level I was at that age, and I did everything I could to improve my skills. I was lucky to be given the chance to play in European leagues, becoming the first Brazilian footballer under 18 to play professional football internationally.”

Élber explained that “Growing up, I lived and breathed football. I would exercise outside for long hours and train in a youth sports academy similar to Aspire Academy three to four times a week. Only those of us who had the willpower, persistence and commitment were able to go far in their football career and achieve their dreams,” he continued. “When I first moved to Italy, it was so surreal to see all the football stars I used to watch on television on the same pitches with me. It was at that moment that I realised I there is nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Élber also highlighted the importance of teamwork in becoming a success athlete, noting that his key to success with VfB Stuttgart and later with FC Bayern Munich was to work become a successful team player and support the team playing as one.

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Praising Aspire Academy, Élber said: “I think you have the best sports academy in the world. It looks like a dream from what I’ve seen during my visit. This academy is your ticket to the top and this opportunity is not always available for everyone. We would’ve dreamed to have something like this in Brazil when I was growing up. Use this chance to fulfill your dreams of becoming top players. Being a professional footballer was my dream. But football gave me much more than that. Football is more than sports, it brings people and cultures together.”