Posted on July 29, 2016

The Ministry of Interior has issued fresh rules for riding jet skis and water scooters. Many people like to use water scooters and jet skis, especially in the summer and during vacation.

As per the new requirements, the riders should take all safety precautions while using them.The General Administration of Coasts and Boarders Security has urged all sea-goers to abide by the new safety rules and the following instructions. The scooters should be registered with the Ministry of Transport, and registration number plate shall be placed on both of the front and rear view of the Scooter. Life jackets should be worn at all times while riding, and the ignition key should be attached to the driver’s wrist. Scooters must not access to restricted swimming, diving, or beach areas, marine events areas, and restricted zones.

Riders must stay away from private property and hotels in sea sides, proper navigation lights should be installed properly (green colour on the right, red on the left, white on the back). The riders should avoid making acrobatic manoeuvres which endangers the safety of others in the water. Scooters must not be operated by minors or inexperienced users.

source: The Peninsula