Posted on April 10, 2011

As the EMPOWER Annual Youth Conference 2011 approaches, organiser Reach Out To Asia Qatar (ROTAQ) is highlighting the contribution of its youth empowerment and community service projects in helping to achieve the social development goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.

Inspired by The Heir Apparent H. H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani’s call for strong and active organizations to develop a just and caring Qatar society, ROTA’s community development strategy supports the establishment of a secure and stable society operating on the principles of justice and equality.

With the involvement of over 40 secondary schools and 9 universities, ROTA is directly empowering and equipping the youth of Qatar to be active agents of change in the development of their own communities through a 4-part youth development strategy. The strategy includes a growing Youth Service Club Network, the annual EMPOWER youth conference, a series of four-day Leadership Training workshops and a Corporate Mentorship program called the Youth Advisory Board.

“By tackling the challenges presented by Qatar National Vision 2030, ROTA-Qatar programmes such as ROTA Youth Service Clubs are engaging more youth to bring about real and positive change in their communities. I have no doubt EMPOWER 2011 will help us to reach more young people who want to make their contribution,” says ROTA Director Essa Al Mannai.

Driven by the mission ‘mobilising Qatar’s youth to Lead, Serve and Advocate for Change’, ROTA’s EMPOWER Youth Conference aims to assemble up to 300 young people aged 14-24 years old and key decision makers from youth groups, schools, colleges and organisations across Qatar for the third year in a row for a vibrant, interactive and reflective learning program. This year’s EMPOWER will take place at the Education City Student Centre from 14-16 April.

EMPOWER 2011 hopes to build on the momentum of its inaugural annual youth conference, EMPOWER 2009, which saw 169 young people and teachers from 23 schools and 6 universities congregate to actively engage in the promotion of leadership and community service learning in Qatar.

“EMPOWER 2011 has the potential to generate lifelong habits of community engagement and will demonstrate just how many young people are passionate about making a positive difference to their communities and have their voice heard about global and regional issues,” said a ROTA Community Development representative.

Eight groundbreaking Youth Clubs funded by ROTA and Vodafone Qatar are giving Qatar youth the chance to make a world of difference and play a positive role in shaping their communities.

Designed to unlock youth potential, the eight service learning projects form an important part of a partnership between ROTA and Vodafone Qatar. The Youth Service Club funding is geared towards providing grants for young people to design and implement projects that either address environmental or social needs in the country or advocate for international development issues.

The ROTA-Vodafone community projects include promoting environment-friendly living, teaching ROTA Youth Service Clubs members the skills to create cutting-edge social awareness videos, encouraging more respect for low-skilled workers, and raising awareness about the poor conditions of recreational and sports facilities in Gaza and the West Bank.

“ROTA supports young people to become active citizens - opening up ways for them to change their world for the better through education, opportunities and campaigning,” added Community Development rep…..

Four ROTA-Vodafone youth service learning projects will be seeking to affect positive environmental and social change in Qatar on the thirds day of the conference. The Political Society will be seeking to influence Qatari children’s behaviour to reflect traditional values of respect for adults, the Changers will be helping to develop the human potential of ambitious students, Help Our Planet Earth will be seeking to increase awareness of environmental issues amongst Education City students whilst the CNAQ Youth Service Club will be raising the public’s awareness about the importance of driving and road safety.

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