Posted on November 02, 2015

The Operations Technical Team of RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) has recently received the Asset Performance Management (APM), Innovation and Enterprise Technology Awards from Meridium, an industry leading software solutions provider. The award was presented to RasGas in recognition of the development and implementation of a number of innovative tools over the past two years.

Mubarak Al-Subaie, E&I Engineering Manager, within the Operations Technical Engineering Department received the award on behalf of RasGas at the Meridium conference held in Spain recently. ”RasGas has always been keen to introduce the latest technologies and adopting the best practices in operations and maintenance and the use of technological solutions to minimise environmental impact. Through this the company has demonstrated that it is a reliable supplier of energy for the domestic and global markets,” said Fahad Mohammed Al Khater, RasGas Chief Operations Officer.

He said RasGas is committed to continuously improving the efficiency and reliability of its facilities’ operations throughout the entire process from reservoir to delivery point. “The tools developed by RasGas ensure continuous focus on safety and reliability, along with enabling optimisation of resources across the Operations, Maintenance and Engineering departments. Currently, RasGas is leading the Industry in the development and use of such innovative tools,” said Al Khater.

The APM Innovation and Enterprise Technology awards are presented to companies that develop and implement new and innovative uses of the Meridium APM software, which deliver of significant added value.