Posted on January 26, 2014

A team of Qatari employees of RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) gained a deeper insight into the practical aspects of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) business when they completed a two month Engineering and Project Management training programme in Yokohama, Japan recently.

The specialised technical training session hosted by Chiyoda Corporation Japan, is part of RasGas’ continuing drive to provide value-added training opportunities to enhance the engineering skills of young nationals and to support their career progression in the LNG industry.     

The graduation ceremony was attended by a high level Chiyoda management team including Shogo Shibuya, President and CEO of Chiyoda Corporation. Mohammed Al Sada, Project Manager, CAT III Projects in RasGas Operations Projects Department attended the ceremony on behalf of RasGas senior management.

Recognising the support from Chiyoda Corporation in arranging this tailored training programme for Qatari nationals, Al Sada said such opportunities were unique and was confident that the trainees had gained valuable experience and knowledge during their stay in Japan, which they will utilise in RasGas and ultimately support the economic growth and development of the State of Qatar.  

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He added that the trainees had developed an understanding of the Japanese way of life, culture and work ethics, which will benefit their professional and personal development.

“RasGas trusts that such interactions will benefit both businesses and looks forward to having such opportunities in future as well,” said Al Sada, expressing his gratitude to all the trainers, mentors and coordinators of the training programme. He also acknowledged Shibuya’s presence at the graduation ceremony, reflecting the importance the Chiyoda Corporation attached to this training.

During the course, the Qatari trainees gained hands-on experience in many key elements of the LNG operations and production processes, including project management, controls, construction and cost estimation, process engineering, mechanical engineering, instrument and control engineering, corrosion and HSE engineering.