Posted on May 02, 2015

An event themed “Tomorrow’s Doctors as Seen by their Community” held on April 27 by Qatar University (QU) College of Medicine (CMED) and College of Business & Economics (CBE) engaged parents, prospective students, alumni, practitioners, faculty in health-related programs, media representatives and the general public on the meaning of the excellence of a doctor in the framework of QNV 2030.  The event also highlighted the expectations of the College of Medicine’s first cohort.

Also participating in the event were CMED officials Vice President for Medical Education and CMED Dean Dr EgonToft, Assistant Vice President for Communication and Outreach Ms Zeina Al-Azmeh, Associate Vice President for Strategy and Development Christiane Mück, and Associate Dean for Academics Dr Anne Irene Pitkaranta.

The forum included focus groups comprising professionals from various medical disciplines, students, faculty, the media, alumni and others to give their insights and ideas on what knowledge, skills, personal traits and ethical and professional values doctors graduating from the college of medicine should have in the future.  Each focus group was facilitated by a moderator from the College of Medicine and supported by a rapporteur from CBE Department of Management and Marketing.

In his remarks, Dr Toft provided an overview of the college, its study plan and progress achieved so far. Commenting on the graduates’ profile he said: “In line with international best practices, our graduates will be able to exercise lifelong learning and chart latest advancements to drive progress of medical practice in Qatar. We will also focus on development of leadership skills necessary to become change agents and leaders in the sector, and on communication skills especially in Arabic and English with patients and colleagues”.

He added: “The College of Medicine will expand its partnership endeavors with both national and international entities, such as Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and other healthcare entities. Simultaneously it will strive to engage the society in its endeavors realizing that community service is a key component of the University’s vision and mission alongside teaching and research”.

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HMC consultant of surgery/urology Dr Khalid Al Rumaihi said: “The establishment of the College of Medicine will provide the society with national doctors, who would be equipped with practice-based knowledge addressing the shortage of national and locally-based doctors in Qatar.. Currently, HMC attracts university medicine students, in order to promote their medical skills. We would be honored to host Qatar University medicine students, and equip them with research and treatment skills”.

Ms Al Azmeh commented: “This initiative aims to leverage the strength of community connections that QU has developed over the course of its history in order to secure community engagement and involvement in designing a future-focused curriculum for the College of Medicine at Qatar University. This is important if College of Medicine is to lay the foundations now for tomorrow’s doctors, the first cohort of which will be graduating in 2021, projecting the needs the healthcare system and of society from future physicians.

We have been engaging faculty, staff, and students across Qatar University’s health related disciplines as well as practitioners from the healthcare industry especially from HMC and PHCC through various committees and capacities. This event, which we hope will be cyclical, aims to compliment these efforts and to seek broader feedback from stakeholder in the community including alumni/parents, healthcare professionals, and the media”.