Posted on October 30, 2011

Organization for Research and Development (GORD), Qatar's leading research, consultancy and training institute and developer of the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), an integrated green building assessment system that makes use of the Arab region's environmental and cultural data, and offers an advanced system that adheres to the recent technological advancements through the use of internet.

The agreement was signed by QU Vice President for Research Dr Hassan Rashid Al- Derham and Founder and Chairman of GORD Dr. Yousef Al Horr to cooperate in the launch of joint initiatives and projects aimed at conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions and creating an integrated community based on economic and environmental equilibrium while preserving the architectural identity of the Arabian Gulf. 

The agreement comes in line with the shared vision of promoting the adoption of the concept of sustainability in Qatar and the Gulf region as a whole. The parties agreed to develop a general framework for coordination to teach and integrate GSAS into the university's education curricula to raise awareness of sustainable building practices and encourage optimum consumption of energy, water and environmental resources. The parties will also cooperate more effectively in the field of development and research in environmental issues of common interest as well as the application of the system's criteria in QU facilities and activation of joint research through grants provided by competent authorities or through postgraduate programs offered at the University.


Under the agreement, QU will be granted the right to use all the tools available in the system through a free and unrestricted "Educational License", which can serve all scientific teaching, research, and academic purposes focused on green building, excluding each consulting activity or research with financial returns. QU will provide GORD with scientific observations and results of studies that may be used to further develop the system. 

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Al-Derham said: "We are honored to enter into a strategic partnership with a high-profile research organization like GORD. We will work on activating joint research practices either through research grants provided by competent authorities or through postgraduate programs offered by the University". Dr Al-Derham also noted that QU will, under the terms of this agreement, involve the participation of PhD researchers from GORD in supervising the students' Graduation Research, especially researches and studies on the development of a sustainable environment. 

Dr Al Horr said: "Through our partnership with Qatar University we aim to continue to develop knowledge in the field of sustainability and investment in research, while also conducting studies related to green building, energy consumption, environmental impact, renewable energy sources and construction technology. On our part, we are committed to providing all the necessary support for making this strategic partnership a success and in the process reaffirming the position of Qatar and the Arabian Gulf as a leading model of sustainable development".