Posted on March 07, 2016

Qatar University (QU) Student Affairs Sector launched its upcoming student leadership conference “Taqadam: Tanmeea, Enjaz, Qiaadah” at a press conference held yesterday. QU VP for Student Affairs Dr Khalid Al-Khanji, College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) president Dr Ken MacLeod, Community College of Qatar (CCQ) dean Dr Abdulla Hazaimeh, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) director of student life Ms Ameena Hussain, gave details of the event which is the first of its kind in Qatar. Attendees included officials from QU and the partnering institutions, and representatives of the local media.

The conference, which will be held on March 26, is  organized in conjunction with HBKU, CCQ, CNA-Q, University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ), and Stenden University Qatar. It aims to leverage the students’ participation in leadership training, and to prepare their transition into the workplace. The conference will bring together around 400 students from colleges and universities across Qatar to discuss, share knowledge, and learn strategies on driving change, developing leadership skills, and solving problems in a local, regional and global context. Keynote speaker renowned intellectual Dr Jassim Al Sultan will present on “Tanmeea”.

The conference agenda will comprise plenary sessions by beIN sportscaster and QU graduate Mohammed Al-Kuwari and popular Aspire leadership training specialist Salah AlYafei. Participants will discuss issues related to “Enjaz and Qiaadah”. Also included on the agenda are a variety of sessions in the form of professional workshops by educational consultant and directing editor of Eyalna Magazine Dr Abdulrahman Al Harami,  as well as student presentations and poster sessions that will address a wide-range of topics such as “Leadership and Self-Motivation” and “Women and Leadership.”

Commenting on the conference, Dr Al-Khanji said: “It is a significant opportunity to help students from higher education institutions across Qatar develop their communication and leadership skills, and acquire the know-how to apply them in real-life situations. We look forward to the outcomes and recommendations that will emanate from these discussions that will ultimately benefit students and smooth their transition into the workplace.”

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Dr MacLeod said: “We are pleased to be a founding partner in launching the Taqadam Conference -- the first of its kind in Qatar. The true value of leadership is displayed when students have the opportunity to converse with, and learn from, their peers. This conference will help support the next generation of Qatar’s leaders and lay a strong foundation for inter-collegiate development and future partnerships. Under the banner Tanmeea, Enjaz, Qiaadah -- or Grow, Achieve, Lead -- this student-centered event will allow youth to shape leadership their way.”

Dr Hazaimeh said: “Schools and universities have the mission to build their students’ leadership mindset and to equip them with efficient leadership skills which enable them to participate in the development and the growth of the society. Many universities and colleges in Qatar contribute in the development of a wide range of leadership training programs for faculty members and students such as QU’s Leads program, HBKU’s EBDA program, CNA-Q’s QAPCO program and CCQ’s Leadership Challenge program. In this context, we believe that “Taqadam” conference will provide us and our students with the opportunity to invest in leadership for the benefit of the society.”

Mrs Hussain said: “Taqadam marks a milestone in inter-institutional collaboration in the area of leadership development among higher education organizations in Qatar. Taqadam is a unique platform for students to share their views on various topics such as female and intercultural leadership. At HBKU, we believe in the importance of the holistic development of students, and value partnerships that provide opportunities and experiences that promote student learning and growth.”