Posted on April 02, 2019

The Qatar University (QU) Health Cluster, organizes the “Fourth Annual QU Health Research Symposium” at the Research Complex, which aims to bring together QU students, researchers and faculty in the field of health.

The event engaged 150 participants from QU Health colleges: College of Medicine, College of Health Sciences and College of Pharmacy and the Biomedical Research Center. External reviewers from Qatar Foundation (QF) and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) also attended. A faculty development workshop called “Team Science” took place on the second day, where Professor of Medicine and Director of the Bone Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Mone Zaidi, MD, PhD, was a speaker.

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Director of Research and Graduate Studies, Medical and Health Sciences Office, Dr Feras Al-Ali said of the symposium, “This forum is becoming the main platform for QU Health faculty, researchers and students to showcase their science, networking and discuss research outcome in an informal way. The themes selected, metabolic syndrome, infectious diseases, mental diseases and health education are aligned with QU Health priorities and strengths.”

The College of Health Sciences (CHS) Dean and the Director of the Biomedical Research Center, Prof Asma Althani spoke of CHS efforts saying, “The College of Health Sciences has been vigorously contributing to various national and international research activities. In 2018, the CHS published around 75 periodicals in peer-reviewed journals. In this 4th Annual Research Symposium at QU-Health, the CHS contributed with 41 posters and 10 oral presentations. The is considered a significant accomplishment that makes us proud. We are committed to delivering outstanding research outcomes that convey the maximum evolving benefits to the healthcare sector of Qatar.”

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Dean of College of Pharmacy, Dr Mohammad Diab commented saying, “As a QU Health member, it is our pleasure to participate in the 4th QU Health Research Symposium. This is a great opportunity for both faculty and students to mingle and share their work with the other colleges. This collaboration aligns with Qatar University strategies in developing research outputs as well as improving the quality of education, which also serves in improving the healthcare system in Qatar.”

Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences and Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr Egon Toft said, “QU Health has since its inception a few years ago, developed good collaborative research within the wider range of health care. This is reflected in the many high quality presentations at today’s event. It is an opportunity to get ideas evaluated and improved in discussion with professors from the wide variety of health care professions being educated at QU Health.”