Posted on May 15, 2017

Qatar University (QU) Health Cluster yesterday celebrated its accreditation award as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) of the Ministry of Public Health.

The certificate was presented to QU Vice President of Medical and Health Sciences and CMED Dean Dr Egon Toft by Acting & Chief Executive Officer at QCHP Dr Samar Aboulsoud in the presence of QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham, CPH Dean Dr Mohammad Diab, CHS Dean Dr Asma Al-Thani, and practitioners from the health sector in Qatar, as well as QU officials, faculty, and staff. This is the first accreditation to be awarded to QU Health Cluster that comprises the College of Health Sciences (CHS), the College of Medicine (CMED), the College of Pharmacy (CPH), and the Health Clinic. The ceremony also included the acknowledgement of CPH Associate Professor of Pharmacy and QU Health CPD Committee Chair Dr Ahmed Nadir Kheir in recognition of his great contributions at QU as Coordinator of the Continuing Professional Development for Healthcare Practitioners from 2010 to 2017.

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Commenting on this achievement, Dr Egon Toft said: “QCHP’s CPD program has national and international recognition. We are definitely proud to have QU Health acknowledged by this important accreditation provider. This accreditation comes as a testament for the quality and standards of health education at Qatar University that benefits health care professionals, and ultimately patient care in Qatar.” Dr Mohammad Diab said: “The College of Pharmacy was the first accredited CPD program in Qatar in 2011, delivering training to all health care providers. With the creation of the newly formed “QU Health” and well established track record throughout the health care community, this program remains committed to providing high quality continuing education to all health practitioners in Qatar and is an essential part of QU’s commitment to provide community services.”

Dr Asma Al-Thani said: “I strongly believe in the importance of this accreditation as all licensed health care professionals need to participate in the CPD program. The College of Health Sciences graduates lab scientists, clinical dietitians, health educators and (recently approved) physical therapists. It definitely means a lot to be part of the QU health cluster.” Dr Samar Aboulsoud said: “Qatar University is the first academic institution in Qatar to vividly translate the concept of  inter-professional education, that is embraced in our national CPD accreditation system, into real action for the benefit of health care practitioners and with the ultimate objective of improving patient outcomes.” 

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QCHP regulates and accredits activities of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Medical Education (CME) (considered as a component of CPD) in the State of Qatar. It monitors such activities to ensure their adequacy, quality and compliance with national and international accreditation standards. The accreditation system for Continuing Professional Development plays an integral part in the license renewal process of health care practitioners in the State of Qatar, hence ensuring competency and quality in health care services, while regulating the health care practice based on evidence and assessment of needs of the Qatari health care system.