Posted on February 17, 2016

In recognition of Gulf Patients Day, Qatar University College of Medicine (QU-CMED) hosted a seminar on February 15 by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) legal consultant Mr Abu Al Qassim Madwi Al Shaikh to highlight issues related to patients’ rights in Qatar. The forum is part of the College’s Medicine Seminar series that spotlight a range of developments, issues, and interests in the medical field in Qatar, regionally and internationally.

The session was attended by CMED members including Dean and VP for Medicine and Health Dr Egon Toft, associate dean for academic affairs Dr Hossam Hamdi, students and HMC practitioners. Mr Al Shaikh discussed the legal aspects of patients’ rights and responsibilities in the Gulf area. Questions were raised by the students on the legal-medical system in Qatar as compared to neighbouring countries, as well as other controversial medical/legal issues such as euthanasia and embryos’ rights.

The session was followed by an exhibition featuring posters on patients’ rights and responsibilities in Qatar to highlight legal areas of medical practice. The event was aimed to enhance students’ knowledge on legal issues in their future profession, and to highlight the relationship between medicine and law as a key component of their medical education towards becoming qualified doctors. In keeping with the medical/legal theme, CMED is co-organizing a two-day conference “Law and Medicine: Changing the future” on February 28-29.

The forum is organized in collaboration with QU College of Law (LAWC), Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar (WCM-Q) and HMC. It aims to address the legal and medical challenges in Qatar, and to find efficient solutions to address the fast-developing healthcare sector in the country.