Posted on May 10, 2017

Qatar University (QU) announced the winners of the Student Life Awards 2016/2017 under five categories -- Student Leadership Award, Student Clubs and Organizations Award, Volunteering Award, Student Athletic Award, and Student Employment Award -- during its annual Takreem ceremony on May 9-10.

327 students (175 males and 152 females) were honored for their outstanding performance in student life and activities. The two-day ceremony was attended by QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham, QU Vice President for Student Affairs Dr Khalid Al-Khanji, and QU Director of Student Services and Activities Mr Abdulla Al-Yafei, as well as QU officials, faculty, students and their families. 

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In his remarks, Dr Hassan Al Derham said: “I am proud of our students. QU has graduated numerous generations and leaders, many of whom participated in extra-curricular and volunteering activities during their journey at the university. This contributed to unlocking their potential and to heightening their skills and personalities in various areas. QU is keen to honor its outstanding students who took part in various extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year. The University is also planning to expand its infrastructure and facilities in order to promote its ex-curricular activities. Congratulations to our distinguished students. We believe that you will add value to the country’s socio-economic development.”

Dr Khalid Al-Khanji said: “Since its establishment, QU is keen to merge curricular activities with extra-curricular activities. This annual event aims to recognize students who made a positive impact on student life.” Mr Abdulla Al-Yafei said: “QU believes in the importance of extra-curricular activities. In 2007, the University launched the Student Life Awards to recognize the students for their outstanding role in supporting student life. We are also delighted to honor our partners for encouraging our students to engage in the community.”

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Student Noon Mohammed Nour (College of Business and Economics), who received the Volunteering Award, said: “I believe that volunteering activities enrich the students’ academic life and help them to gain valuable skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.” Student Jihad Al-Qadi (College of Business and Economics), who received the Student Leadership Award, said: “Learning leadership and decision-making skills cannot be acquired within the classroom only. Students must engage in various activities to enhance their communication skills.”