Posted on February 23, 2016

An agreement signed yesterday between Qatar University (QU) and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) established collaboration activities in the field of education, research and clinical training. The agreement was signed by QU president Dr Hassan Rashid Al Derham and PHCC managing director Dr Mariam Ali Abdulmalik in the presence of QU VP for Medical Education and College of Medicine (CMED) Dean Dr Egon Toft, as well as officials from both institutions, and QU faculty and staff.

The terms of the agreement include collaboration in education and training for PHCC staff and QU students from CMED, College of Pharmacy (CPH), and the College of Health Sciences (DHS). The agreement also covers joint research projects, exchange of academic information and materials, and the establishment of a joint ethical review board (ERB) to approve, monitor, and review joint research activities. Both institutions will also cooperate in providing scholarships and sponsorships for PHCC members and QU students involved in health-related programs. They will also develop and implement continuing education programs in the field of pharmacy, health sciences and medical education, as well as established joint professional development programs, seminars, conferences, and academic forums.

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Commenting on the agreement, Dr Al Derham said: “The Board of Regents of Qatar University has recently approved a cluster that merges the colleges of pharmacy, medicine and health sciences under one umbrella with the leadership of the VP for medical education. The merger aims to maximize both efficiency and synergy building on Qatar University’s long journey in establishing reputable health programs that are trusted by the health care sector. With the establishment of the College of Medicine and the College of Health Sciences, partnership with the health care sector takes on a new dimension and new agreements are shaping up, including this significant MoU with the Primary Health Care Corporation that we are signing today.”

Dr Abdulmalik said: “PHCC continues to support the academic health system in Qatar through close collaboration with well-recognized academic bodies. As the national university, QU plays a very critical role in the healthcare sector through its medical and health-related programs in which its students benefit from practical experiences designed to prepare them for employment in the sector. QU supports health-oriented corporations and institutions by providing well-trained national graduates of diverse disciplines. PHCC is very pleased to be part of this strategic partnership and continues to appreciate and value the efforts of academic institutions such as QU.”

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Dr Toft said: “From the start, the relationship between the College of Medicine and PHCC has been a mutually beneficial organic partnership. The Director General of PHCC sits on the founding Steering Committee of the College, and the fruits of cooperative efforts between the two institutions manifested as early as the recruitment phase of the first cohort during  prospective students briefings and during the new student boot camp. I am delighted that this partnership has been crowned today with an MoU that expands areas of collaboration and deepens the existing ones. And now with the establishment of the health cluster, this partnership becomes more pertinent. From clinical training of students, to joint research, student sponsorship and community outreach, QU health programs will continue to partner with Qatar’s leading health care providers to fulfil Qatar’s vision in creating a world-class health care system in Qatar.”