Posted on December 12, 2019

The Empower Generations Consortium on behalf of Qatar University won the “Oscar of Education on the Middle-East”, the World’s Gold for the Discipline of "Life Sciences” and the World’s Silver for the “Best University-Employer Partnership at QS- Reimagine Education conference in London-UK. Reimagine celebrates and reward the most successful educational and innovative projects around the world.  

In this remarkable occasion, Dr. Hassan Rashid Al-Derham, Qatar University’s President said, “Achieving a national base of human resources in healthcare and life sciences is one core scope of the human development pillar of Qatar vision 2030.  It’s a priority for us that we kept working diligently to accomplish. We, at Qatar University, are proud to see how far the consortium has reached at the national, regional and international latitudes. This well-recognized achievement is one of our aspirations to enlighten the name of Qatar and it’s academic, research & healthcare institutes among the globe”. 

Dr. Egon Toft Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences, said, “I am pleased to see all the hard work and commitment towards Qatar’s vision 2030 come real.  It is essential to focus on building a generation of healthcare professionals through the Empower Generations Consortium.  This is an opportunity for Qatari high school students to thrive and practice the right education at Qatar University.” “The consortium is a model for high impact collaborative projects that exhibit the active role of universities in evaluating the market’s occupational demands and developing solutions for capacity shortage, and we hope to see this again in multiple regions of the world.  It’s very seldom that one project wins a regional Oscar plus a gold and a silver, well-done!” The steering committee of QS-Reimagine.

QU’s Empower Generations 2 [].jpg

The consortium’s founder, Prof. Asmaa Althani, Dean of the College of Health Sciences and the Director of the Biomedical Research Center said; “the Empower Generations Consortium was established in 2013 to build national capacities of Qataris in the fields of healthcare and life sciences. The project opens a great opportunity for the high school Qatari students to learn the aspects of the career of healthcare, apply their innovative ideas, and integrate in meaningful externships.  We capitalizes on Qatari candidates who have interests in the careers of health and life sciences through facilitating their sponsorships and scholarships. 

The project accounted for 47% of the overall Qatari admissions at the College of Health Sciences and around 57% of Qatari admission at QU-Health Cluster level.  Therefore, we perceive the consortium as a great resource for national capacities in the healthcare sector, scientists and researchers. The Consortium is currently sponsored by Qatar Genome & Qatar BioBank, operated by QU-Health and the Biomedical Research center, in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Al-Qannas Society, Falcon genome project, Sidra Medicine and the Primary Healthcare corporation and the Equine Veterinary Medical center. We sincerely thank all the business partners who contributed to this great success”. 

The CEO of QS-Reimagine, Nunzio Quacquarelli indicated in his opening speech at the conference that there were over than 1518 submitted projects for QS- Reimagine Award competition, but only 150 projects were nominated for the finalists.  Dr. Quacquarelli also praised the world’s Universities that for its leading role in supporting the global education and innovations.