Posted on January 28, 2020

Qatar University’s (QU) Al-Bairaq program, boasts a ten-year career in which it has pioneered in innovative education for the State of Qatar. Along with the New Year, the program has already seen many achievements, successes and community outreach activities.

Al-Bairaq is a non-traditional educational project of QU, in which students at Qatari secondary school work in teams with highly exquisite university-level scientists on practical scientific problems in authentic contexts. The program is keen to establish its mark by achieving its annual goals and implementing its own development plans that include the entity of the program and the students participating in it.

Al-Bairaq welcomed the New Year with a major global victory at the Reimagine Education Conference and Awards, winning gold and silver awards alike. This conference provides a platform and competitive space for projects, programs, individuals and institutions interested in the field of education and changing learning methods to show their creativity and share their findings. Al-Bairaq's victory in this award represents significant recognition from top international institutions.

Al-Bairaq also took on a new role in the Q-Stem competition, organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, to organize a series of basic training workshops for 140 of the competing middle and elementary school students. These workshops introduce students to the STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts) and prepare them to practice and apply its principles during the challenge, which is to provide solutions to problems in the State of Qatar. Al-Bairaq will also be part of the evaluation committee and will judge projects based on several criteria in terms of engineering and science.

Earlier this month, the program participated in the QU booth at the 30th Doha International Book Fair, where representatives carried out various activities that integrate, reading and science, attracting the attention of many school students and other audiences. During the annual Darb Al Saai event, Al-Bairaq commissioned a work area to carry out activities related to the STEAM curriculum, such as allowing visitors to perform scientific experiments. The station attracted a large number of visitors of various ages and backgrounds, and was distinguished by its interactive and unique approach.

Finally, Al-Bairaq is preparing to start a new cycle of "I am Discovering Materials” for the sixth cycle for the primary and preparatory levels, which includes a large number of schools in the north of Doha. This cycle aims to cultivate a culture of scientific research and problem solving for this age group, increase their love for science and encourage them to choose scientific disciplines.