Posted on December 04, 2018

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation Research, Development and Innovation (QF RDI), has renewed its partnership with ConocoPhillips Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC) at a signing ceremony today, paving the way for another decade of research cooperation in the fields of water management, conservation and sustainability.

The ceremony, held at QSTP, was attended by distinguished guests and representatives from both entities, with Yosouf Abdulrahman Saleh, Executive Director, QSTP, and J. Todd Creeger, President, Qatar Business Unit for ConocoPhillips, signing the partnership renewal agreement. The continued partnership between QSTP and GWSC signifies their joint resolve and commitment to address the pressing issue of water sustainability, in Qatar and globally, through applied research. The QSTP-based center has implemented more than 10 innovative research and technology projects related to oil and gas water management, along with filing six patent applications and contributing to more than 20 peer-reviewed journal publications.

Noting the significance of the partnership, Mr. Saleh said: “We are honored to renew our partnership with ConocoPhillips GWSC today for another 10 years. Our joint commitment to developing sustainable water solutions through innovative and specialized research has always been the driving force behind our success over the past years. “QSTP fosters an environment that supports the development and application of research across different industries, and achieving this is not possible without forming strong and engaging partnerships with our tenants. With the invaluable help of our partner organizations, we are focused on advancing QF’s aim of helping Qatar build a sustainable, diversified economy.”

The GWSC is ConocoPhillips’ designated center of excellence for water-related technologies, disseminating findings to the company’s global operations, as well as local government and industry partners. The visitor center at GWSC promotes water conservation awareness at community level, and has educated over 7,000 students on the importance of water conservation and sustainability.

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Commenting on the far-reaching significance of the agreement, J. Todd Creeger, President, Qatar Business Unit for ConocoPhillips, said: “We started a conversation in 2007, officially opened the doors in 2010, and in 2018 - almost a decade later - our central commitment to water is still as prevalent as it was back then. “The GWSC has evolved from a sustainability start-up into a globally relevant problem-solver that addresses the needs of the nation and beyond. Owing our success to longstanding partnerships with Qatargas and Qatar Petroleum, amongst other industry, academic and research hubs, we continually tackle the world’s industry challenges to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions.”

QSTP’s continued partnership agreement with GWSC is a testament to both entities’ dedication to shaping and contributing towards the country’s sustainability initiatives, and the development of impactful solutions. Projects by GWSC at QSTP have provided Qatargas with advanced analytical and engineering support to address various operational challenges and achieve greater efficiency.

Speaking at the partnership renewal ceremony, Dr. Richard O’Kennedy, Vice President, QF RDI, remarked, “Water sustainability and conservation are key national priorities of Qatar’s development agenda and its goal of building a sustainable and diversified economy. Therefore, we are very pleased to continue our partnership with GWSC, a global leader excelling in innovative water-related technologies and research. “Our partnership with GWSC has achieved significant milestones that continue to have remarkable local and global impact, and we look forward to further strengthening it and expanding the implementation of our collective research outputs for the benefit of Qatar.”

Dr. Samer Adham, Managing Director of GWSC, commented: “Together with QSTP, we aim to create a comprehensive water research ecosystem to deliver genuine contributions to Qatar’s development initiatives. “At GWSC, water is our legacy and core focus. Our ongoing and future projects will continue to explore more efficient and cost-effective treatment technologies, and enhance sustainable industry practices worldwide, as well as enhancing awareness among the broader community, in particular our young generation, on the value of water and need for conservation. We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years hold.”