Posted on September 16, 2017

The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has conducted lectures on personal hygiene and home safety for members and administrative staff of the Qatari Centre of Social Cultural for the Deaf (QCSCD).

The lectures by QRCS health education head Dr Ahmed Idlibi and facilitated by a sign language interpreter tackled major home injuries such as burns, wounds, bruises, electric shock, suffocation, fainting, and drowning. Dr Ahmed Idlibi explained how to control each case and help the victims, if any. The participants were also introduced to QRCS and its humanitarian mission and community services. Other preventive tips included keeping in mind the emergency phone number 999 and their home address, learning first aid, and fire control, and acting calmly and taking children away to a safer place.

The lecturer added that a fire extinguisher should be accessible and regularly maintained and a sprinkling system installed and operable. The importance of having a first-aid kit and specifying an assembly point and emergency exists was also highlighted. The second lecture covered the importance of personal hygiene on well-being, for disease prevention, and a healthy lifestyle.  The topics tackled included hand hygiene, oral health, hair and skin care, and home cleanliness, among others. The lecture also provided an overview of the content of the personal hygiene kit, with a demonstration of its proper use for optimised results.

According to QRCS, the sessions were interactive, and the participants engaged enthusiastically in the discussions, which reflected the effectiveness of the public awareness programme. “The success of your work in the last years encouraged our members to attend these sessions, take initiative in social life, and develop their potential. It is a constructive effort towards the common partnership goals of QCSCD and QRCS in community service. Your co-operation is highly appreciated,” QCSCD director-general Saleh al-Marri said in a statement.

source: Gulf Times