Posted on May 08, 2011

Qatar Project Management (QPM), one of the region’s premier project management companies and the first Qatari firm in the field, has strengthened its commitment to the community by sending one of its senior employees, Dr. Onur Tokdemir, to the Civil Engineering Department of Qatar University. While at the institution, he shared his knowledge with students and faculty on the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM), which is an innovative technology that increases efficiency, continuity, and the effectiveness of modern structures.

The one-hour presentation from QPM’s BIM and Special Projects Manager, entitled ‘What it takes to move seamlessly through the dimensions of BIM’ explored the complexities of the system, which is a multifaceted technology, on the cutting edge of modern project management techniques.

Dr. Onur Tokdemir

Dr Onur explained, “The future of the design and construction industry is to be driven by the utilization of technology. The best example of technology emerging today is the use of three-dimensional, intelligent design information, commonly referred to as BIM. This sophisticated technology is both a visually-accurate model of a building, and a database for recording the breadth of information developed and associated with building components.”

“As the use of BIM accelerates within the design and construction industry, it will lead to a revolution in project delivery. The outcome is the opportunity to design, build and operate as efficiently as possible. It’s important as well that people recognize BIM as a ‘green’ technology, as it produces better, more efficient projects. It goes without saying that environmental issues are of paramount importance, now more than ever,” he added.

This presentation is just one element of QPM’s latest knowledge-sharing initiatives which strive to educate student and industry professionals about the innovative project management processes and technologies. QPM understands that as a responsible, socially-aware organisation, it has an obligation to share its knowledge, to help educate, Qatari and international students while exploring the importance of BIM within project management in terms of cost, efficiency and quality.

QPM stands as one of the region’s foremost project management companies, and uses its internationally trained team, and state-of-the-art technologies to set new standards within the industry. The company is active domestically and throughout the MENA region and provides a centralized platform for the project management of local and international developments. Its current project scope includes a growing spectrum of mega projects underway in numerous countries. These projects include civil infrastructure, residential, hospitality, luxury, commercial, office, and tourism developments.