Posted on June 23, 2017

Qatar Petroleum yesterday denied it had cancelled the leave or restricted the travel of expat employees following a blockade imposed on Qatar by several neighbouring countries. The denial was in response to a report by Reuters news agency that the company had cancelled staff holiday and exit permits.

“No expatriate or national employees in Qatar Petroleum or its subsidiaries have been denied leave or exit permits,” the company said in a statement. “However, due to the current embargo imposed by some neighbouring countries, a few selected critical employees may have been asked to postpone their leave for operational reasons. This is a very limited measure that could take place in any oil and gas operating company should an operational need arise to ensure uninterrupted energy supplies to all our customers across the world,”  the statement said. 

“It is also important to stress that no employee, under any circumstances, have been asked to remain against their consent.  There are many staff members who have applied for and granted leave by following the standard processes and procedures with no limitations except in the mentioned cases.  “It is unfortunate that such rumours have surfaced and we hope the above statement provides the necessary clarity,” the statement added.

source: Gulf Times