Posted on September 30, 2014

Qatar Finance and Business Academy has announced that it is currently managing the Regulatory and supervision training diploma that has been specially designed for Qatar Central bank employees working in the departments of banking supervision and control currently and for prospective future QCB candidates. The nine month program is divided into three phases that mix theory and practice and will help the participants to better understand the mechanism of regulatory and supervisory framework in Qatar Central Bank to enhance their banking supervision skills.

Qatar Finance and Business Academy 2 [].jpgAnnouncing this partnership, Dr. AbdulAziz AlHorr (pictured), CEO of Qatar Finance and Business Academy said: “We are pleased host participants from Qatar Central Bank in this specialized training   program that will provide them with the necessary skills and give them the opportunity to have hands on knowledge and practice in regards to the workflow within the supervisory and regulatory departments. “This is part of our commitment to provide a comprehensive range of internationally recognised qualifications covering the various banking disciplines to help us achieve a strategic vision eventually enhancing the standards of the banking sector in Qatar alligned with the best global practice.  

Mr. Jassim AlBaker, Director of training and administration, thanked QFBA for offering specialized courses in different financial sectors and for providing special attention training banking personnel in various titles and grades. He emphasized that these training programs help employees become creative in their field ultimately help improve the quality of state banking staff and practices today. The Regulatory and supervision training certificate includes several important themes, such as: Introduction to banking supervision and internal control, the work ethic , Introduction to Financial Risk Management, Team work and creative thinking, introduction to the treasury operations, project management skills, Combating financial crimes as well aswriting financial control and internal audit reports and its role in corporate governance.

Practical field work training for participants includes work at Qatar Financial Center in the  supervision and authorization department, policy and enforcement department and the Anti-Money Laundering department in addition to training work at Qatar Central Bank. Upon completion of this program, participants will have a better knowledge and understanding of the tasks and functions at the Qatar Central Bank, they will also have better understanding for the financel and banking sector in Qatar as well as the mechanism of the workflow of the regulatory and supervisory role at Qatar Central Bank. this program will also help enhance the participants English language ability for financial purposes and obtaining new professional skills to develop supervision work.  

This training program is one of a series of an ongoing series of training courses to be held for the staff of the Qatar Central Bank in the framework of cooperation with QFBA.