Posted on October 01, 2014

QELA, Qatar’s first international homegrown luxury brand, held the preview of the Fall/Winter14’15 collection along with an exclusive presentation from each of the brand’s workshops, at the QELA boutique, at the Pearl on Monday. This includes the leather goods’ customization services, jewellery prototyping demonstrations, shoe assembly and stitching as well as couture sewing samples. The event was attended by Shiekha Noor bint Hamad Al Thani, Official Spokesperson and Brand Image VP, as well as some of QELA’s skilled artisans who held live demonstrations on available product ranges.

QELA is Qatar’s first global fashion brand, and draws its inspiration from a Qatari heritage, which is reflected in the aesthetics of the collections. The brand reflects a mix of modesty, generosity and openness to new cultures. It is heavily influenced by art and culture and their timeless qualities. Qatar Luxury Group, a multibrand luxury group, launched QELA as part of Qatar’s 2030 vision to transform Qatar into a knowledge-based economy by creating a fashion industry. Since it’s launch in September 2013, the brand has seen success within the local and expat community leading up to the current collection.

QELA announces new Fall 2 [].jpgShiekha Noor bint Hamad Al Thani, Official Spokesperson and Brand image VP of QELA said, “The Autumn/ Winter 14’15 collection embodies the heart of QELA’s DNA; it brings out the balance between liberated creativity and century-old craftsmanship with an unshakeable sense of its own identity and values. This collection expresses supreme confidence, elegance in modesty, and the freedom of the desert wind.” QELA brings the image of the falcon to high fashion this autumn and winter. From embroidered feathers to organic lines as fluid as a wingbeat, the new collection explores feminine assurance and classic couture through the colours, textures and silhouette of this iconic, airborne traveler.

QELA announces new Fall 3 [].jpgThe new collection features much of QELA’s signature mashrabiya-inspired fluid organic shapes. The mashrabiya is in the heart of Qatar’s culture, seen in traditional lounge areas, and private salons where Arabian women used to gather. The intricate details of the mashrabiya reflect a sense of modesty and intimacy. “The bisht is a traditional Arabian cloak,  famously known to be worn by men on formal occasions and historically also worn by women. It is known for its unique golden embroidery around the edges. In our latest collection, several couture items are embroidered with rich restraint round neck and chest in bands of clouded gold and silver”. Shiekha Noor bint Hamad Al Thani, added.

QELA places a heavy emphasis on the preservation of age-old craftsmanship and know-how, and our workshops create pieces of the very highest standards anywhere in the world. “The first two collections were very well received by the local community, especially by the fashion-savvy Qatari women who have an undying passion to accessorise their ‘abayas’ with bespoke handbags and timeless pieces of Jewellery,” said Malika Gali, QELA boutique manager.