Posted on September 20, 2017

In its renewed drive to strengthen Qatar’s commercial relations with new trading partners across Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Qatar Development Bank (QDB) organized a workshop on “Exporting to Algeria” for local companies seeking to raise their professional capabilities to trade with the regional market.

The training was held in partnership with KPMG, the Qatar-based operation of the global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services, this week at the Oryx Rotana Doha Hotel.

Organized by QDB’s export arm, Tasdeer, the workshop sought to familiarize Qatari companies with export procedures to Algeria. Furthermore, a detailed presentation was shared with participating local companies that highlighted some of the most important aspects of the Algerian market, such as market size, average prices, information on market competitiveness, market needs, business culture, regulatory standards, as well as export procedures, trade laws, and compliance through the completion of all proper documentation.

“Exporting to Algeria” came against the backdrop of a recent research conducted by QDB on the Algerian market. The training workshop, which was jointly organized by the two partners, was the outcome of the thorough market study and shared research findings with the participants present at the workshop in the interest of raising awareness of the market that the local businesses wished to penetrate. Commenting on the workshop, Executive Director of Export Development & Promotion, Hassan Khalifa Al-Mansoori said: "Tasdeer is at the vanguard of leading Qatar's commercial diplomacy initiatives around the world. One case-in-point is today’s workshop that strived to enable our country’s businesses to forge stronger links with trading partners in the MENA region, contribute to the independence of our trade economy and, in the long-run, strengthen our national economy's capabilities to be self-sustaining."

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He added: “We are grateful to KPMG for their support in the organization of the ’Export to Algeria’ workshop. Their team of specialists have greatly added to this workshop for Qatar’s exporters by sharing their rich expertise and insights involving the regulatory practices involved in trade. KPMG’s contribution to our exporters’ capabilities will prove instrumentally necessary for the forging of successful deals and partnerships with their counterparts in Algeria. "

In a series of special matchmaking meetings – scheduled for 7-8 November 2017 – QDB, through its export arm, Tasdeer, aims to connect local exporters with Algerian importers. Earlier this year, Tasdeer similarly participated along with 22 Qatari construction sector companies at the 20th edition of Building & Construction Materials International Exhibition (BATIMATEC) in Algiers, Algeria. The event allowed Qatari exporters to network with their counterpart industry professionals, conclude deals and form trade partnerships. In the days to come, a score of developmental activities and matchmaking initiatives are expected to be organized through the Tasdeer program, with the aim of further promoting Qatari trade in regional and international markets.

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Since its launch in 2011, Tasdeer has been at the forefront of developing Qatar's export strategy for local SMEs. The export arm aims to link local companies to the world’s emerging and established markets through the provision of export financing services, as well as through a range promotional and developmental services, such as international exhibitions, bilateral trade cooperation programs and training workshops. To this end, it regularly makes available wide-ranging information to SMEs, including country-specific case studies, analytics, and business directories. Furthermore, Tasdeer often arranges for local businesses to feature at international matchmaking events in the interest of opening new markets for them and helping Qatari exporters forge deals that allow them to enhance their volumes of regional and international trade.

Besides offering the nation’s exporters valuable consultation on navigating foreign markets, Tasdeer has created a system for the provision of credit guarantees for exports and services. These financing and insurance coverage solutions are available to Qatari exporters and are designed to protect them against risks that are generally inherent in the global export trade.