Posted on August 23, 2016

The health education department of Qatar Cancer Society has organized the awareness Workshops to raise awareness about cancer in general as well as to clarify the causes and the methods of prevention, the factors of infection, ways to avoid cancer and how to live with it and supporting cancer patients.

These workshops were organized to inform the employees and the society that having cancer does not necessarily mean death, which means that cancer is a disease that can be defeated in case it has been discovered in its first stage. The lecture also consisted about the need of a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer, such as eating healthy food, exercising on a regular basis and sleeping a sufficient number of hours a day in order to strengthen the immune system and protect the body from being susceptible to various cancers.

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From his side, Mr. Jacob Burke, co-president of The Look Company stressed the importance to have useful lectures and events like the cancer awareness to educate and encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle.  He added: "we are pleased to participate in August awareness campaign, since our concern is to raise awareness about cancer , the types of various cancers , spread the culture of health and how to protect ourselves from cancer.’’ Dr. Hadi Mohamad Abu Rasheed health educator at QCS said: “I would like to express my deep appreciation to The Look Company for their efforts in fighting cancer through supporting us in cancer awareness.” 

He added: “I would also like to thank those who supported QCS and helped to spread its message by empowering the community with the knowledge about cancer and how to prevent and treat the disease”

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