Posted on June 20, 2015

Qatar's sovereign wealth fund is reportedly interested in investing in a proposed logistics and transport hub in the UK, said Arabian Business. The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) has expressed interest in plans to develop the hub around Cardiff Airport in South Wales, according to Dominic Jeremy, the UK Trade & Investment chief executive.

In comments published by the Gulf Times, Jeremy said he had met with the QIA, Qatari Diar, and other investors in Doha about developing the airport. “We were talking about an investment proposition around Cardiff Airport that the Welsh government owns, including both the land and infrastructure around the airport,” Jeremy was quoted as saying. “We are opening these doors so that Qatari investors are at the forefront in engaging with us on what we are planning to do in the next five years in that northern powerhouse agenda,” he added.

He reportedly said that the Qatar Investment Authority wants to be a financial investor, but it doesn’t want to be the lead investor. “This early we do not know how much investment Qatar will pour into this project but the total level of investment the UK is going to raise in the course of this project is somewhere around £200 billion across the entire infrastructure,” he was quoted as saying.