Posted on October 17, 2013

With the rapid development going on in Qatar, there is a need for corporate organisations and government entities to invest more in the protection of their data centres and ensure they meet the required safety standards, a leading data centre specialist has said.

Talking to Qatar Tribune recently, Walid Harb, general manager of UP Data Qatar, a data centre consortium, said that data centres in the country need to be built with more physical safety and security in mind.

According to him, the importance of keeping critical data safe from both manual and natural disaster cannot be over emphasised, considering the fact that data, once lost will take a long time to be recovered.

Victor Bolorunduro

Even if you have a good backup, it takes time and money to retrieve the lost data. For highly data-sensitive institutions like oil and gas companies, airports etc where time is very precious, it is very essential they place more emphasis on the physical data centre safety to protect them against fire, external attack or even natural disasters, Harb said.

He emphasised that the modern trend in building data centres presently is to have them built using the most minimum of space and most importantly, to be fire resistant for longer hours till help arrives with a room in room system, in case of a fire incident.

Speaking about his company's products and expertise, Harb said that the company originates from Germany and that they are the largest consultants for data centers in Germany where they operate under the business name Data Center Group or proRZ.

We have experienced consultants with more than 2,500 data centres in Germany and other parts of Europe, US or Russia and Singapore, UP Data also operates in Oman and we support and advise turn-key solutions for airports, banks, army, hospitals, police and other government and corporate entities, he said.

He added that most of their data centres were built to be fire resistant for more than 90 minutes without the equipment getting damaged and they can be zoomed when needed as they are modular in built.

Source: Qatar Tribune