Posted on December 05, 2017

Talented Qatari painter Nasser Al-Attiya has recently completed a successful three-month residency programme, that ran from 1 July to 30 September 2017, at the renowned Cité internationale des Arts in Paris.

One of the biggest and most prestigious art residencies in the world, Cité internationale des Arts accepts some 1,000 artists from over 50 countries onto its programmes each year.

Held under the patronage of its Chairperson, Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Paris Residency is an extension of the Fire Station: Artist in Residence programme in Doha. It provides one lucky Qatari artist with studio space and all the benefits of an overseas art residency including opportunities to collaborate with like-minded  individuals, the chance to develop their craft in a new setting and draw inspiration from museums, galleries and the city’s vibrant art scene during a three-month period.

Qatari artist Nasser Al-Attiya 2 [].jpg

Nasser’s residency is the second organised by the Fire Station this year, and follows a three month stay by Ebtisam Al Saffar in Paris that began in January 2017.  The experience of both artists demonstrates how well established the programme has become in supporting creative talent to develop and flourish. To celebrate his accomplishments, the Fire Station is currently showcasing the wonderful works created by Nasser during his residency at the Doha Fire Station, workshop three. His works will be on show from 4 December to 31 December, from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

Khalifa Al Obaidli, Director of the Fire Station, said: “The team and I are very proud that we’re able to celebrate yet another milestone success from this wonderful creative hub that we’ve worked so hard to develop at the Fire Station: Artist in Residence. It’s a pleasure to share with the local community this fantastic body of work created by Nasser Al-Attiya following his time in Paris. He fully embraced all the opportunities that this residency represents and his experience perfectly highlights why it is so important to us to continuously nurture future generations of artists and provide them with a platform to reach their full potential whilst drawing inspiration from the world around them.”

Qatari artist Nasser Al-Attiya 3 [].jpg

Ahead of the exhibition opening, Nasser Al-Attiya gave a public talk in the Fire Station’s cinema on 4 December, during which he discussed his journey, his experience during his time in Paris, and the works he produced during his residency. Nasser Al-Attiya is a Qatari painter that has been a member of the Qatar Society for Fine Arts Association since 1989, acting as Vice President of the Association from 2015 to 2016.  Through his work, Al-Attiya aims to address a range of universal topics and themes including freedom and society. He took part in Qatar Museums’ first Fire Station: Artist in Residence programme in Doha, a nine-month residency where local artists can take their passion to the next level, by collaborating with fellow creatives and developing their craft.

As part of his residency in Paris, Nasser worked on a project titled ‘Perfume Planet’ in which he portrayed diverse personal appearances in a manner that reflects the hugely diverse array of perfume bottles produced around the world. He drew creative inspiration from his surroundings, producing work based on the eclectic range of perfume bottles that he encountered all around him in Paris. The Qatari Art Residency Programme is a recurring three-month residency open to all Qatari artists, and provides one lucky artist at a time with studio accommodation space, and the chance to be fully immersed in art and culture in the city and to find inspiration in the everyday lives of local citizens.

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