Posted on April 27, 2014

The Qatargas stand at the QP Environment Fair 2014 attracted hundreds of visitors, including students from several schools across Qatar. 

The Fair, held at the Qatar National Convention Center from 23 – 26 April under the theme “Use of Water in the Oil and Gas Industry” witnessed the participation of Qatar Petroleum, its joint ventures and subsidiaries in a joint effort to promote environmental awareness among the general public. Qatargas had a themed stand at the Fair focusing on the Company’s initiatives to reduce the consumption of water and increase its re-use. Tips and information on water and the importance of this vital resource were highlighted employing several interactive methods.

Qatargas attracts hundreds of visitors1[].jpg

A special coloring area was set up for little children to explore their creative side with themed drawings about water conservation. A touchscreen unit showing how much water is used to produce typical food items was available at the stand, illustrating the ‘water footprint’ of several everyday food items. Another feature of the stand was “How much water can you save“, a hands-on game allowing players to compete to save more water.  The exhibition stand ambience was created in a way to allow for a fun and learning environment for visitors young and old to enjoy whilst learning about water and its importance and scarcity.

Qatargas’ advanced wastewater management plans were demonstrated at the stand. Qatargas seeks to achieve sustainable wastewater reuse by utilizing biological-membrane bio-reactor (MBR) and tertiary reverse osmosis (RO) technologies. The Qatargas Environment Division also presented a paper on the “Qatargas Wastewater Reuse Program”. The program aims to target near zero water discharge at Qatargas LNG and Laffan Refinery process facilities by reusing treated wastewater. As part of the program, the Company is investing in advanced water recycling and re-use technologies.

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The current wastewater treatment systems at Qatargas facilities are being upgraded to treat wastewater with a Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) and further purified to desalination standards employing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) process. These changes present complex engineering challenges at Qatargas as they are being implemented in an operating plant. Once completed, the program will help Qatargas recover and reuse nearly 70% of process wastewater and maintain a sustainable wastewater reuse program through the life span of its facilities.