Posted on December 23, 2017

Qatar University signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar Post to establish joint cooperation in various areas related to the technical and administrative fields.

The memorandum included setting the framework for joint cooperation between the two institutions, where the two sides agreed to enhance the use of postal services such as, Global Priority, Qatar Premium Post, Business Delivery and Digital Mailroom Solutions. The memorandum also stated the establishment of one or more operational programs between the different administrative sectors of the parties. In addition to cooperating in other possible areas of common interest to both parties. The agreement also defined the mechanism of implementation between the two parties for these areas through the formation of committees and joint task forces to hold consultative meetings for coordination in the areas falling within the scope of this memorandum. The memorandum was signed by Dr Hassan Al-Derham, President of Qatar University and Mr Faleh Al-Naemi, the Chairman and managing director of Qatar Post.

Qatar University signs MoU 2 [].jpg

In his speech during the ceremony, Dr Hassan Al-Derham said: “I am pleased to inaugurate this venture of fruitful cooperation between Qatar University and Qatar Post, which will enhance the mutual benefits of the two sides. This memorandum is a real opportunity to build new bridges of communication between us, as well as provide a range of appropriate and modified services aligned with the needs of the university.” “Qatar University’s relationship with Qatar Post is a renewed one, which will continue in the future, especially in the light of the development of modern technologies, which has become vital in the postal services, which can contribute to the development and support of the University.” Dr Al-Derham added.

Mr Faleh Al-Naemi, said: “I am proud to sign this important agreement with Qatar University, the establishment I personally graduated from. This memorandum will improve the postal services at Qatar University, which is something we hope to achieve in all of the governmental organization.”Qatar University signs MoU 3 [].jpg