Posted on October 14, 2018

Qatar University and Highfield Qualifications have signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday to deliver certified training sessions on food safety and security to Qatar University students, health practitioners and food sectors throughout Qatar.

As part of the ongoing activities and efforts of College of Health Sciences, this program aims to enhance the capacity and develop skills and professionalism of specialists in food sanitation. It is composed of four different levels with different food safety-related topics in order to master the information in this field. After each level, the trainee will sit for an international exam that provides the applicant an approved award (certificate) in food safety upon successful completion.

Qatar University signs MoU 1 [].jpg

Prof. Dr. Egon Toft, Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences and Dean of College of Medicine, stated that: “Qatar needs to ensure that the food produced and manufactured locally as well as the food imported, is safe for consumption. Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Health Strategy consider food safety as a fundamental and integral part of Qatar’s on-going efforts to have one of the safest and most comprehensive food systems in the world. The main objectives of the strategy clearly identify the need for highly qualified calibers who need to be prepared through proper education and training. It has been well documented that food safety without continuous training and education is not useful in controlling food borne illnesses. Therefore this MoU between Highfield and Qatar University was established.”

Prof. Dr. Asma Al-Thani, Dean of the College of Health Sciences stated, “This MoU supports Qatar University’s mission to produce high quality undergraduate and graduate students that prepare competent graduates, destined to shape the future of Qatar. The MoU is part of the College of Health Sciences mission to support the professional development of the existing food inspectors, health inspectors, food safety officers working in both the public and private sector. Here the importance of safe food for the well-being of the citizens of Qatar is re-emphasized. This can only be achieved, through the education of students and fellow employees to be of high caliber and skilled in the field of food safety which is achieved through high quality teaching, training and research.”

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Christian Hopper, Business Development Manager of Highfield Qualifications said,“At Highfieldour qualifications are designed to minimize and prevent harm. Working with Prof. Egon Toft and the College of Health Sciences demonstrates our commitment to improving safety and developing skills across the world. To work with Qatar University highlights the quality and value placed on Highfield’s qualifications globally, and marks the beginning of a partnership that will strive to protect and improve standards of safety and compliance in Qatar.”