Posted on November 28, 2017

Qatar University (QU) will host the launch ceremony of the 6th edition of the National CSR Report in the first quarter of the coming year, under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

Themed “Citizenship”, the 6th edition of the National CSR Report is part of QU’s partnership with Qatar CSR Network. It focuses on the social responsibility of Qatari institutions and its success in defeating the blockade imposed on Qatar. It also monitors the contributions and achievements of local institutions in serving the country, and highlights their progress in 2017 in relation to their commitment to the four pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030 and sustainable development. The report is published by QU in partnership with Qatar CSR Network and Qatar Media Corporation (Media Partner). It is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- distribution partner to Qatari embassies around the world. The report has achieved an unsurpassed success and has become the Annual National CSR Book. The ceremony will feature the honoring of the CSR Person of the Year.

QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham said: “The achievements monitored by the report over the years, have contributed to its development to become a distinguished academic and national platform that reviews the contribution of the local institutions towards achieving a nationwide development. Qatar University, like many other national institutions, sensed the need to inform the public opinion about the added value of CSR and social responsibility to the society.” He added: “As we continue our continuous efforts to enhance the students’ involvement with government institutions and the business sector, validating their leadership and contribution to development and progress, the report is now undergoing a comprehensive leap to become a national platform that reflects the genuine citizenship of Qatar University and the national institutions and monitors the positive impact of its CSR activities on economy and society.”

Qatar CSR Network CEO Mr Khalifa Al-Mohannadi said: “CSR and citizenship are not just a lifestyle; with its transparent government, economy and society, Qatar is booming and developing its prosperity, health, security and peaceful approach. The report confirms that citizenship is a national value based on people’s will to participate in all the political, social and economic aspects in their society. The report is consolidating the national efforts in promoting the CSR and citizenship culture and sustainability development, and in upholding humanity and human rights values. The CSR report encourages the society to join social responsibility awareness with civil and human rights knowledge into the educational system, and helps develop and strengthen programs and educational activities aimed at promoting and consolidating citizenship values, CSR principles and human rights.”

He added: “We would like to draw attention to the vital work that the report is doing to support Qatar National Vision 2030 and the country’s sustainable development. The report is uniquely positioned to promote individual competency, and its work is appreciated by many governmental, non-governmental and private institutions who believe in its outputs at the national level. Together, we can increase the reach of commitment by doing as much as we can to support the report, which relies on contributions of the community representatives.”

Head of QU CSR Committee Dr Bader Abdullah Al-Esmael said: “Qatar University has contributed in developing the national CSR strategy aimed at achieving sustainable development as addressed in Qatar National Vision 2030. The CSR report this year is taking the citizenship theme as part of this strategy, which became an example of the successful academic interaction with other sectors. QU CSR Committee is proud of the level of its students’ involvement with the leaders of governmental, non-governmental and business institutions in the events hosted by the University over the last three years, as these institutions share their CSR and sustainability achievements with the students during the exhibition or within the CSR report. The students’ contributions provide a great opportunity for business leaders to recognize their abilities and skills. The events held by the University represent a practical test of the students’ ability to prove their determination to be a good example of educated youth aware of the current challenges.”