Posted on January 20, 2016

Qatar University (QU) and Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) Q.S.C., one of the leading petrochemical powerhouses in the region, announce the renewal of the QAPCO Polymer Chair at Qatar University.

Based in QU’s Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) and chaired by Prof. Igor Krupa, the Chair focuses on research activities revolving around material science and engineering, polyolefins and polymer nanotechnology and involving QAPCO’s main product, polyethylene, along with other by-products. In particular, Dr Krupa and his team pursue research on polyolefin processing and advanced characterization. They also work closely with QAPCO R&D team to explore the development of novel applications related to biodegradable plastics and polymer based composite materials.

QU President Dr Hassan Rashid Al Derham highlighted the importance of collaboration between QU and QAPCO, which is a main partner to the university, saying that “the collaboration between both institutions for the renewal of the QAPCO Polymer Chair at QU Center for Advanced Materials will contribute to developing research activities in materials science and engineering, and will ensure the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge between students and researchers. It will also provide faculty and students at QU with the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills in this scientific field, and will encourage the establishment of new research programs which will facilitate research processes in the future.”

Commenting on the renewal of the agreement, Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, QAPCO’s MD & CEO, stated, “Polymer research and innovation is a strategic priority for QAPCO because it creates new applications for polyethylene products and stimulates the development of advanced technology, skilled jobs from the laboratory to the classroom. As we advance towards our vision of prosperity through innovation, we leverage our expertise in polymer science to support programs that deliver direct value to Qatar through support of the QNV 2030. Through our effective and prolific collaboration with Qatar University and CAM, our teams advance material science knowledge transfer and education and encourage sustainable, made-in-Qatar ground-breaking discoveries.”   

Qatar University and QAPCO renew 2 [].jpg

In her comments, Prof. Mariam Al-Ali Al-Maadeed, Director of CAM, appreciated QAPCO for the renewed sponsorship of the Polymer Chair which she said has led to the setting up of a number of teaching and research activities focusing on various aspects of material science, engineering and nanotechnology, resulting to many published papers, patent application and projects.

A number of applied research projects have resulted from the QAPCO Polymer Chair and several research papers co-authored by CAM and QAPCO R&D teams have been published in international scientific journals. Patent applications are also being considered as a part of the research collaboration outcome. In particular the development of Polyolefin based plastic heat absorbers for energy management in bioclimatic buildings; and the development of plasma and other surface treatment methods to improve adhesion of polyethylene packaging resins are evidence of the successes of the research collaboration between the two institutions.

QAPCO is always eager to share its passion for engineering and the limitless potential of polymer science to create opportunities in the field of research, education, and manufacturing that directly contribute to Qatar’s vision for sustainable development. The renewal of the QAPCO Polymer Chair at Qatar University further strengthens industry-academia collaboration between QU and QAPCO, and is positioned as a catalyst for value creation through resource optimization. This envisioned research collaboration is set to have a far-reaching impact, in Qatar and beyond.

The event was attended by several representatives from Qatar University, including Dr Darwish Al Emadi- QU Vice President for Research, Dr Mariam Al Ali Al Maadeed, Director of CAM and Dr Igor KrupaQAPCO Polymer Chair, From QAPCO, Mr. Yousuf Abdulla Rebeeh – COO, Eng Abdulla Ahmed Naji- Learning and Development Manager and Dr Mabrouk Ouederni – Head of R&D were present at the event.